FTLComm - Tisdale - June 26, 2000
Sunday Tisdale Volunteer Fire Department got together to enjoy each other's company and take time to honour the service that many having given the community. Tisdale has a long tradition of volunteerism and time after time we have an opportunity to see how important this is to making the community a fine place to live.

When GT Mechanical was set on fire last fall the whole membership of the department, usually around twenty, who were able were on hand but the extensive nature of the blaze was pushing them to the limit and several former retired members were there to help out and monitor the pumps. Its that kind of thing that makes the volunteer members understand what dedication to duty is all about and they certainly have plenty of examples within their ranks.
Deputy Chief Brian Minhinnick was honour Sunday for his twenty-five years of service to his community as a volunteer fireman. Both the chief, Doug Ritchie and captain Don Kehrig recognised Brians exceptional contribution and he was presented with the medal shown below. The certificate and medal come from none other then Canada's Governor General Adrian Clarkson who's signature appears on the certificate.
Brian Minhinnick, Chief Doug Ritchie and Don Kehrig are seen above as presentations wre made to them as a part of the afternoon's activities.
The plan had been to hold a family afternoon get together and bar-b-que at the Kinsmen park but the heavy showers pretty much dampened that plan and the members of the department and their families retreated to the fire hall where they were able to enjoy the time together with some food and refreshments.

As Don Kehrig spoke about the remarkable years of service by Brian Minhinnick he mentioned the wide range in the backgrounds of each of the members of the department and yet how it is good to get together and share this time.
Tisdale's fire department has had a very busy spring with call after call during the spring when things were very dry and farm field fire's plagued the area. Getting to a fire and dealing with it is only half the story of a fire department because when you get back the trucks and equipment have to be readied for the next emergency.

Every Tuesday night at seven the department is out in force for training, practice and drills that contribute to giving them
the needed preparation and background to use the equipment and deal with the dangers and conditions that will confront them when the alarm is sounds. The volunteer department, because of its excellent leadership and level of preparation continues to attract members to its ranks so that veterans with many years are regularly being joined by young people like Scott Green (below left). The committment of a fireman to this community service goes beyond himself as it affects his family as they have to live with the contingencies and often untimely departures from the home and work place.