Frost Much

FTLComm - Tisdale - Monday, June 1, 1998
Oddly enough with one of the warmest years on record going for us temperatures early Sunday morning dropped dangerously low. Though it did not drop below the ominous 0 Celsius it was close, but many parts of Saskatchewan including the Arborfield area experience temperatures that were hazardous to the growth of plants. Andy Casavant manager of Arborfield Dehy Ltd said that a frost tonight could damage half of the expected alfalfa yield expected in his area. At 7:30 PM he pointed out that the temperature was already down to 40 F and he expected the same rapid decline that occurred Saturday night.
Tisdaleís town workers have been busy making the community look its best this summer and are not about to let below freezing temperatures damage the flowers so this afternoon park and boulevard flower beds received the black plastic treatment.

In our tour through the area gardens and flower beds in town and on the farms alike were being offered some protection.

Environment Canada is predicting well below freezing temperatures for much of the province but for this area, provided the cloud cover remains intact we may be spared this untimely visit by Jack Frost.
(Temperature at 1:38 AM +1C Tueday, June 2, 1998)