FTLComm - Tisdale - July 20, 1999

Ken Oskrip has been a fixture of the Tisdale business community for a long time working seven days a week handling our freight and bus tickets. Day in and day out he has been there and now its time. Its time to take a break from meeting the bus at unGodly hours morning noon and night and have some time to himself, his wife and his family.

Ken will not be missed because he will still be around, just not every time the bus arrives in town 365 days a year. From now on he can see the end of the ball game or not miss the beginning of a televsion show, he will be able to go for coffee and not have to be back at the bus depot for the freight truck. In general he is going to be living the life all of us enjoy after so many years of being tied down to the bus schedule.

So this business opportunity is up for grabs. Ken is selling the building with its three operations. The resteraunt, the bus depot and the Beer and Wine shop.
Commanding the main corner on the main street of Tisdale, Ken's building is a choice business opportunity and is available immediately. For details and more information call Ken at his office 306 873 4303.