Seventh Anniversary of Ensign

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, May 20, 2005
Today I wore for the first time my new sunglasses, I have a new prescription and with my improved vision (my right eye was damaged about two months ago and is steadily improving) I walked out of the optometrists office and it was like looking at the sky for the first time. (I had laser surgery and since that I have been a bit sensitive to bright light.) For the last while I have been trudging around with my head down taking in the sights to be seen on the ground and sidewalks. Looking up today was a relevation.

Our good ole' protestant work ethic lauds the positive aspects of those who stick to their tasks and "keep their nose to the grindstone." Personally, I am certain that this dogged behaviour is less than desireable and that we all need to lift up our eyes. The horizon is within our grasp and the sky seems almost infinite. Looking at the pebbles on the street or cracks in the sidewalk may prevent you from tripping but it also gives you little or no insight as to where you are going.

My 20th 1998 the web site posted its first regular story and ever since then we have been looking up and beyond the horizon. We also have spent far to much time looking at pebbles on the street and the occassional pothole.

The recent complaints about images of local people has made me very uncomfortable in public in Tisdale no knowing who is offended and what subjects are really universally acceptable. The conclusion I have drawn now and seven years ago is that there is absolutely no way that anyone can hope to please everyone and the only person who really matters is the intent need to be honest to oneself. The sincere objective to tell a story that thoughtful people will understand is still what I am aiming for and perhaps I would be better to tell that story elsewhere.
My critics are not the regular and loyal readers of this site and so I have to recognise that they will never be satisfied. But time marches on and we need very badly to keep the continuity and gains made in this site's quest to widen understanding of the human condition and the quality of life in this part of the world.

I would like to thank everyone who has voiced their encouragement and continue to visit this site with an open mind and continued good spirits.

This week the new political section has been established so that the nature of the material on this site will see the political stories posted in their own department. So if you want to check on those kinds of stories they will be accessed only from the "
top stories of the day page".
Another new development the last two weeks has been the addition of the "RRS" and "XTML" buttons that are designed for browsers that can take advantage of this feature now becoming a part of the web.

As we look ahead to this year we begin our summer vacation in the first week of June. During June, July and August postings on this site will be quite light as we hope to go camping around the province and take in the various celebrations that are part of the centennial. August is pretty much dedicated to the summer games in Regina.

Timothy W. Shire



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