Alternate Universe News

May 25, 1999 by: Carey Heilman

Anniversary of No Fault Insurance

  June 1st is the anniversary of the inception of Alternate Universe No Fault Insurance. Festivities will include picnics, parties, and various community events throughout the Alternate Universe.

Yet, there are those who are not happy with the no fault insurance scheme.

Ralph Nader, a little know consumer advocate who made the long journey to the alternate universe a few years ago had this to say, "This is greedy profiteering by the government!"

Of course, no one listened, yet all the while profits soared for the Alternate Universe No Fault Insurance Corporation. Citizens should be benefiting from this profit sometime, maybe, you know, someday.

Larry Frog is invited to attend several gatherings and celebrations. In the King City home of the marble palace, the masses are hoping Mr. Frog shows up for the picnic in the park.

"Yeah man I hope he shows up for the picnic, whenever he is around there are never any flies, mosquitoes or other insects", one area man noted.

"He is a great guy, and he can hop long distances, plus there are no insects around him, he is the life of the party", added one area woman.

As always there are those that detract from the celebrations of such momentous occasions. There have been several groups formed to fight the Alternate Universe No Fault Insurance Corporation. While they all fight amongst each other they all agree that the system is only making a happy
government. It seems that the consumers of the No Fault scheme are mostly unhappy. But who ever listens to them.

Harry Kyleman