Regina (AUN) - May 8, 1999
By: Carey Heilman
  Alternate-Universe sources reported friday that Roy Romanow, has won the employee of the month award at a local Subway franchise.

When asked about the honour the humble Romanow said, " Some are born to greatness and others have to work for it".

Romanow has held many jobs in the past such as gas station attendant, hot dog sales at football games, newspaper delivery-person, and the guy that sweeps up after rock concerts.

"Someday I hope to be a roadie, or maybe a cab driver" Roy replied, when asked where he would like to go from here. "But one can only dream".

Sources close to Roy in the alternate universe have said, "I think he is capable of much more such as, stereo sales, car sales, or maybe a government leader.. in an alternate-universe"!

"I am glad they think so much of me but really I would just like to be a roadie for Metallica more than anything", said Roy.

Sources close to the rock band Metalica said they could not use a new roadie, but encouraged Roy to drive taxi.

This has been alternate universe news or the AUN.

Carey Heilman