Cliff's Flower Garden

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 10, 1999
That's what the sign says, "Cliff's Flower Garden". It is such a great thing that people take so much effort to interact and communicate with one another. When you consider the work that goes into making a pleasant yard, the vast majority of that effort is going into making the yard presentable and a pleasure to look at from the stand point of the passerby rather then the occupant. I have noticed that in the past few years people want to show their good will and joy to others by decorating their surroundings.

This little monument on a driveway is trivial and fun but it also has a lot going for it. The owner of the house is obviously in the midst of a gardening project and this new house has only sat on this lot for part of a year so the yard is in its beginning stages of development. But on a Sunday afternoon, this pile of dirt just needed a little gussying up to match the great looking yard, house and neighbourhood so a few flowers and a sign turn a pile of dirt into a little statement.

Best wishes Cliff, I am certain you will make this dirt pile into an even more astonishing project when you get it where you want and start growing things in it.