Tristan Visits Tisdale

FTLComm - Tisdale
February 29, 2000

Tristan is four months old and with his mom and uncle he dropped into the Seven Eleven.

His mother explained to me that for each baby the complete system is made individually and not passed on to another child. I must appologise for my hearing but try as I did I could not get the name used to describe this tradition baby handling system.

Babies are still dressed for travel in this manner on both the Red Earth and Shoal Lake communities to the East of Carrot River but it was news to me to see this little boy outfitted in this manner and he and his family come from the community near Rose Valley. Every one of these baby carriers that I have seen have had very special designs to them and most seem to have the colour red prominently in the design.

When Tristan expressed some complaints while I was taking his picture his uncle scooped him up with ease and though a little annoyed Tristan settled down and began formulating some thoughts on people with cameras.

The safe handling and ease of movement make this system idea for a world where travelling about are a part of life. Having seen the positive and simplicity of this system at Red Earth I am surprised that European families have not tried these out.

A family out shopping will have car seat, blankets, a series of bags and accessories piled in a shopping cart and no one seems comfortable or safe. Tristan on the other hand is doing just fine and gives you his regards.