Wading into spring

FTLComm - Tompkins - Monday, March 24, 2003

There is no question that Saskatchewan people long for that short part of the year when you don't need a parka and when your words hang physically in the air when you speak them as your breathe freezes and your mind dulls from the cold.

Saturday afternoon three girls were celebrating the arrival of warm weather dressed in shorts and bouncing on the trampoline in their yard. A volleyball, soccer ball and a football had each during their activities tumbled into the nearby pond and with the sun shining down and no doubt a dare it was decided to go get those balls. The lead adventurer was wearing rubber boots but a few steps in and they were filled while number two adventurer just marched in with

her bare feet.

The third girl watched from the trampoline and then came round to lend some assistance

Tompkins is a small community West of Gull Lake in the rolling desert like ranch land of Southwest Saskatchewan. They had a good amount of moisture in the late summer last year but almost no snow to speak of through the winter which was similar to the last few winters, very mild. While the North Central part of the province was struggling with -30º C temperatures the winter passed this part of Saskatchewan with a few bitter days but many days when it was only a bit below freezing.

When I walked over to catch these pictures and these good natured girls just being themselves I expected to get my feet muddy but the ground is drying up quickly with the wind and sun doing what they do to the ground when there is little precipitation

Trudging across a muddy pond in March is a cold thing to do but these fun loving and pleasant girls took in their stride as they enjoyed the sunshine and the arrival of the season's change. Though they were intent on recapturing the sports balls it was their sense of adventure and daring that made me think of spring when in our village we would build rafts that always, always sank with us aboard.

Timothy W. Shire



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