The First TMSS Graduation - 1998

FTLComm - Tisdale - June 26, 1998

The first is in a long line of graduations takes place to day for the new Tisdale Middle and Secondary School. Preparations were in full swing Thursday afternoon, unfortunately a bad battery prevented you from seeing the grads hard at working preparing the auditorium for today's event. To the music of the Titanic they will enter for the main ceremonies at seven, this year's theme is Hollywood as each grad is a "star" and indeed around the room there is a star for each one. Certainly in the eyes of their parents and the community the graduating class is a group of stars having distinguished themselves over the years not only at home but province wide. Many of the boys in this class were members of one of the most successful hockey teams in Saskatchewan as they made their presence known in provincial playoffs.

But their individual and group accomplishments have only just begun for each succession of young people challenge their world in their own unique way and this group with their accomplishments already well in hand have a head start of their future.

Graduation is always filled with a lot of platitudes about the expectation for this group of young people but it is important and absolutely vital that the community accept the challenge as well to support these people as they step from high school student into the post graduate world. Many will go on to further education while others will assume responsibilities in the work place. They each need your continued support and encouragement. We know what they can do and we now need to provide them with the continued back-up that will add their contribution to the success of this and each community from which they have grown up.

The class will present in the graduation ceremonies the song by Greenday, Time of Our Life. We want them all to enjoy this rite of passage and once again a safe grad party is planned with busing to the party site and parents will then be called to come and pick up their graduates after the party.

Congratulations, the class of 98