FTLComm - Tisdale - July 5, 2000
The site of the old UGG elevator in Tisdale appears to be moving into its final stages. Last month crews removed the operational hardware out of the elevator as they prepared it for destruction and last night a moving crew were readying the storage shed for moving.

The rather tough looking building is actually a well constructed and solid structure and will move today from Tisdale to a farm site about ten miles South of town were a farmer will use it for a shop.

In order to move a building like this one the moving company first had to create a lifting structure on the walls that would permit the building to be raised from its foundation.

The boards have been nailed along the walls giving the lifting beams a place to do
their job. Four large steel beams with attached extensions were then set up inside the building to both lift the building then serve to carry the building when it is moved.
The picture above shows the beam extension fixed under the boards they have installed and the jack raises the beam upward lifting the structure from the foundation.
To get the building to rise smoothly and without fracturing the structure this gasoline powered hydraulic system (shown above) and its manifold system directs hydraulic fluid to the individual jacks situated under the beams to evenly and gradually raise the building upward. Each Jack can raise the building eighteen inches then blocking is installed, the jacks repositioned and the process repeated. Once the building is sitting high enough the two long riding beams and their wheels are rolled under the building and blocking installed between the riding beams and these inside beams which will be chained down and they structure is ready for the road.

The workers expected to have the building on its way to the farm and ready for placement by lunch time today.

The farmer has installed a footing for the structure and the procedure for lifting the building is reversed and the building is then placed on its new location. The excellent building is ready for its new career and the UGG site left with the elevator and office to be torn down later this summer.