The Greenwater Report for June 10, 2002

Greenwater Provincial Park - Tuesday, June 4, 2002 - by: Jerry Crawford


June 9th, 2002: Cool, cloudy, with a strong east wind. Rain has been promised for today, but so far, it is a no-show. Kelvington apparently got a good soaker, but a lady who lives six miles south said there was none at her place. Marg tells me Hudson Bay got a few good rains, but that seems to be a different weather system close to the Manitoba boundary. We got a few showers earlier in the week, but I donít believe they added up to more than about a quarter of an inch. Better than nothing, though.




The trees are well leafed out now, though some look a bit thin. We wondered if the caterpillars were doing their number, but drove around some of the local roads and didnít see any sign of them. On Saturday morning, about 5:30, I heard a plane buzzing overhead. Went out on the deck and it proved to be one of those little spray planes. It made quite a few passes. I phoned the Park office today, and they confirmed that it was spraying for caterpillars.




While out on the deck, I noticed the sun just coming over the trees, the lake shrouded in mist, and not a breath of wind. Our boat looked as if it was hanging in the air with no visible means of support. I thought: ďWhat beautiful conditions for taking some photos!Ē Then I went back to bed.




With all the cool weather we have had, I am surprised at how warm the lake is. A couple of weeks ago, I spent a fair amount of time in the water while we assembled the dock, and found it quite comfortable, but it was calm and warm that day. Last Friday, we got a strong west wind, which worked its way around to the north. We had the pontoon boat moored to the dock, and it proved to be too big a load for our dock system - I had to let the boat ride the rocks on shore while I rebuilt the dock, not an easy job with the waves rolling in. Again, I found the water quite comfortable; the air was cold though, and I had to duck under frequently to get warm. One of these days, I am going to actually go for a swim.


Speaking of pontoon boats, there are two permanently stabled at Greenwater - Warsylewiczís and ours. Ivan Stomp is here with his big boat quite often, and I hear Earl Schulte has a big one, though it hasnít been on the lake yet. Several other people have mentioned that they would like to dispose of their speedboats and get pontoon boats. I am told there are as many pontoon boats as conventional boats at Emma Lake. They seem to be the in thing, especially on these small lakes where one canít properly use a speedboat. Maybe thatís a sign of our aging population (everyone else - not us!). They bought the powerboat so their kids could water ski; now the kids are grown and moved away, and they no longer need the speed.



I canít believe I have gone seventy years without experiencing the taste of the luscious mango. Doreen bought a few to try out, and we have become quite fond of them. Some say their taste is peach-like with some pineapple thrown in, others that the modifier is lemon. I agree that there is a resemblance to peach, but I canít put a name on the difference. A little shot of salt doesnít hurt. June and July are apparently the best months for mangoes, so we are going to enjoy all we can in the next two months.


There seemed to be quite a bit of traffic back and forth, so I got my bike out and went for a ride. There were two trailers and a tent in Lakeshore Campground, four geese on the beach, and one kid on the playground. The traffic must have been cottagers. The peninsula was all set up with park benches, arranged like pews in a church, and I remembered there had been a wedding there yesterday. I phoned June at the Park Office, and she said the wedding went ahead as planned. It might have been a bit cool, but who cares, when youíre in love?
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