Looking out our front door, to the South

The Greenwater Report for March 4, 2002

Greenwater Provincial Park - Monday, March 4, 2002 - by: Jerry Crawford


March 3rd, 2002: Deep freeze time again! It went down to -33° at least twice during the week. Today was overcast, but for the most part it has been a sunny week, though often windy. We got a few flakes of snow earlier, but doubt if they would add up to half an inch. There was a pretty good snowfall this afternoon, though; with a strong south wind, it was pretty impressive for awhile, but still only an inch or two at best. I’m glad I wasn’t driving — There was likely a dirty ground drift.


We saw a moose on the edge of the ditch last week; it was walking along the edge of the bush. It looked to me to be pretty gray, which likely means lots of ticks.




On Tuesday, a moose came out of Almi Campground, walked along the road west, then down into a slough into the Greenwater Subdivision. On our street, it came out onto the road just west of Ewen’s cottage, then back into the subdivision. The tracks were pretty fresh when I saw them; at least, none had been driven over by a vehicle. I never did see the animal, though.




Last fall, I mentioned a little brown and white dog that had been abandoned at the Cove. It had the sweetest disposition. Well, Susan and Elwood Prybylski gave it a home, but it started wandering. Sandy was down with her little cocker, George, and the dog took a liking to it. Unfortunately, it is over-sexed, and doesn’t seem to know or care that George is a boy dog. (Well, actually, he was a boy dog) Gets a bit embarrassing at times. Since then, it seems to have adopted us, despite me yelling at it to get home. I don’t know where it sleeps at night — possibly under the deck.


I see a poster for the annual Bjorkdale Bandits “Spring Thaw” Fish Derby on Sunday, March 24th. The “Bandits” is a football club, and puts on the Fish Derby every year, as reliable as can be. The proceeds finance their excursions, which have been as far as Texas.




Last Friday night, the stars were brilliant, though one has to get away from the street lights to be able to see them properly. I don’t know much about the stars, but when I was a kid, I could find the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper without difficulty. Now, I can find the Big Dipper, but not the little one, though it seems to me it is in the same part of the sky. Nobody has been able to help me, either. Seems to me it was connected somehow to either the Big Dipper or the Pole Star. Any ideas?


Telemiracle is over for another year, and Doreen tells me it topped three million dollars. That’s especially wonderful when you consider that we are in a tough economic period. Casey Markus Jr. told me once that flower-growing is a depression-proof business — If a man hasn’t got the price of a beer, he will still buy a rose to take home to his wife. Maybe the same thinking applies to charities!
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