The Greenwater Report for April 21, 2003

Greenwater Provincial Park - Monday, April 21, 2003 - by: Jerry Crawford





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April 20th, 2003: Another glorious day, with lots of sun and little wind. Lots of people are walking around with good sunburns on their faces.

We went to Kelvington to play bridge on Wednesday; it started snowing very lightly about 9am and kept it up until dark. When we left the Senior’s Center there was a good layer of snow on the car, and the roads were very slushy. We came home at between 60 and 80 kmh and didn’t have any trouble, but if we had to pull out of the beaten track there was enough slush to throw us around a bit.

We went to Porcupine Plain on Thursday and once we got to the north edge of the Park there was no new snow at all. It had snowed in Porcupine too, but melted as soon as it landed. By the time we got home again, there was very little snow left at the Park.

The ice hasn’t moved away from shore yet except at the mouth of the Marina, but it looks mighty slushy. Our ice usually goes out between April 22nd and May 24th. It moves away from shore, the wind pushes it back an forth a bit, then it just disappears. We should start a pool at the Cove.






The creek has been running strongly. Of course, everyone wants to know if there is going to be a sucker run, and the answer is “yes”. We walked down to the bridge Friday evening and there were quite a few people standing around looking for suckers, but only two people fishing. They had fifteen or twenty nice sized fish. Every once in awhile there would be a splash and another bunch of fish would be on their way upstream. The water flow was already visibly less than the previous day, when the melting fresh snow fed it, so those poor fish could find themselves up the creek.




Yesterday, Dennis, Jesse and Lorne bought their permits and went fishing. I went down there with my camera, hoping to get a shot of Dennis flat on his back in the creek. This time, though, Dennis was the Administrator and Jesse and Lorne were in the creek. I have to give Dennis credit; while standing well above the water line, he told the boys where to stand, and darned if he wasn’t right! They made a good haul.




We walked down there this morning, but there didn’t seem to be any fish in the creek. We walked upstream past the Golf Course Road bridge, and finally saw some fish by little waterfalls. A bit farther along, the fish were stopped by a beaver dam, and were congregating in a small pool. Lots of activity at that little waterfall; I suspect as the weaker ones were pushed to the outside they wound up going over the falls. Fishing is not permitted on the south side of that bridge.




Last week, I said that Myrna Morris started the paper that eventually became the Northeast Chronicle. While Kathy did buy the View from Here from Myrna, she started the Kelvington Chronicle and Porcupine Press from scratch, and closed the View from Here in 1994. I stand corrected.




I got two phone calls about my comments on the Aboriginal Achievement Awards - the first from Bob Stadnek, telling me that the soprano I was so impressed with is the daughter of Porcupine Plain’s Lutheran pastor, Beryl St. Germaine. Then later on, I got a call from Ms. St. Germaine, and she told me her daughter’s name is Mavis Callihoo. Mavis was impressed with being compared to Kiri Te Kanawa, but I suspect it is a comparison she is going to hear a lot more about.




I erred in referring to Aborigine Achievement Awards - it should have read “Aboriginal”.



Further to my rant about the Iraq war, I received four messages. Two were strongly in favor of my opinion, and two were strongly opposed (And one of those was my sister! She says she still loves me, no matter how misguided my opinions).



Next Saturday, we are going to Sturgis where a friend of ours, Barb Fraser, is opening a new bakery and tearoom called Barb’s House. She has actually been open since March 21st, but Saturday (the 26th) will be the official opening. It starts at ten am with free coffee and cake. The mayor will cut the ribbon at 10:30. It shouldn’t be too hard to find; it is right on the corner at Main Street and Highway 49, across from Temple’s gas station. I understand it used to be a pool hall. We met Barb on our bus tour last November and she told us then of her plans.




On our way to Kelvington yesterday, we saw a couple canoodling on an easy chair while watching TV, right out by the highway. Some people have no shame!


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