The Greenwater Report for February 3, 2003

Greenwater Provincial Park - Monday, February 3, 2003 - by: Jerry Crawford




February 2nd, 2003: Very pleasant weather for January; -15 when we got up, overcast, and little or no wind. There is an inch or two of fresh snow on the ground. Since those snows at Christmas time we havenít had any fresh stuff, except a powdering now and then, just enough to keep the snow white




There have been a few snowmobiles around all week but they really pulled in on Friday evening. Kelvingtonís snowmobile derby was yesterday and Brian Shuya said there must have been seventy machines in the Cove parking lot at noon. Next Saturday is Perigordís Thrill of the Hills snowmobile rally, so there will be lots of machines around. I really must get off my duff, get out on the trails, and get some snowmobile photos.




We had a real blizzard last Sunday afternoon; we had planned to go to Saskatoon that day, but were mighty glad we didnít. Visibility on the highway must have been close to nil. There wasnít much new snow, but a horrendous wind made enough drifts in the driveways to warrant starting the snow blower. Monday, of course, was quite warm, which made snow blowing much more pleasant.




Spraying the yellow marks on our snowbanks with bleach didnít seem to do any good; Doreen just got in from spraying them with Scoot, an animal repellant. She came in complaining that the Scoot looks almost as bad as the pee does!



At one time, when the Park groomed the ski trails, they cut two sets of tracks. However, this didnít satisfy two classes of skiers - the advanced types that like to skate-ski, and the duffers who like to be able to snowplow down the hills. Last time I tried the trails, I found I couldnít handle even the smallest hills - my balance wasnít good enough to be able to lift one ski out of the track to snowplow so I got going faster than I could handle. Now they just cut one set of tracks; they groom a nine-foot width with the tracks to one side, leaving a good, wide area for skate-skiing or snowplowing. One of these days Iíll give it a try and let you know how I made out.




Some of you may remember me crowing about a flight I took in a gyroplane at Empress, AB last June. It was an unforgettable experience. The man who took me up, Len Kornelson, was killed in a crash last Wednesday; while details are sketchy, I assume it was a gyroplane that crashed. He was alone at the time. Len used to farm, but had rented his land out so he could devote full time to flying and instructing.



squirrel 1
Doreen 0

Squirrels havenít been much of a problem since we moved down here to the Park, but we have one now that thinks he owns the place. We donít mind him taking a few seeds, but after he has eaten his fill, he sits on the railing and chases off any birds that come to feed. Doreen goes storming out the patio door and swears at him, but he just laughs at her. She put Scoot on a couple of cookies and placed them on the railing, hoping he would lose interest in our offerings. The cookies have disappeared, but time will tell if the squirrel is discouraged.



frast patterns

When the temperature drops, and the wind is from the south, frost forms on the window over my desk. Frost patterns make great photographic subjects but we donít see much of it in this house, with its sealed windows. This window, however, has sprung a leak; itís impossible to get it clean but at least we get a little eye candy in the form of frost patterns.







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