The Greenwater Report for July 14, 2003



July 13th, 2003: Not a bad day ó hot at times, windy at times, cloudy at times, changing hour by hour. Doreen did some yard work, and found it too hot. Bill and Linda Woolley came out for a boat ride with us in the evening, and the wind was a bit cool.




We have finally been giving our boat a workout; we were out twice Friday, with two different groups, then again on Saturday for about three hours. I actually had a swim! The rest were fishing (or trying to) and we were anchored off the point by the picnic table, so I went for a little swim. Felt good, too. Our shore is rocky and muddy so we havenít been swimming, but now thatís not an excuse.




The Greenwater Cabin Ownersí Assoc. had their annual meeting at the Hall a week ago. It was pretty well attended, partly because the rain put a stop to other activities. Most interesting points, to me, at least were:
  • Don Horncastle will be in charge of pest removal in the Park. Call him if you have troublesome raccoons, skunks, beavers, or even squirrels.

  • Alex Dunlop had the plans for the new Amphitheatre, scheduled to be built this summer just south-west of the Visitor Center. It will be part of the educational emphasis.

  • Low water woes; and thereís not a thing we can do about it.
People launching boats would be wise to talk to the people at The Tackle Box; they can advise you where it is safest to travel, and give you an idea when you can put the motor all the way down.


We were so impressed with our lunch at The Old House in Kuroki that we decided to go back there for supper. So, Doreen and Lucille and I picked up Jenny, and met Laurie there last Tuesday. For supper, reservations are recommended and if you donít want to take a chance on what Julia has decided to cook that day, you can choose from three or four items at the time you make your reservation. We decided to take a chance, and enjoyed a meal of oven-roasted chicken. Superb!



Next day, Wednesday, we had to go to Saskatoon so stopped at The House of Treasures and Keepsakes at Annaheim for lunch. It is a big, three-storey house on the edge of town and houses a very large selection of crafts, mostly by Saskatchewan people, a formal dining room, and a sun-room/café. We had their daily soup-and-sandwich special, plus their dessert of the day. Marvellous! Do you wonder why we donít lose weight?

Three ladies (friends, I believe ó not relatives) own and have operated the House for fifteen years. Jane and Maxine tell me they are thinking seriously of selling the place so they can spend more time with their families. If you have a hankering to get into that kind of business, nowís your chance!


full bloom

When we drove to Saskatoon, a few Canola fields were in full bloom, but most just starting. When we came home, it seemed that everything was in full bloom. It really is a glorious color; the only thing nicer is a field of canola next to a field of flax, both in full bloom!


Merv Miller tells me he was out fishing the other evening and watched two otters playing, out by the west point. We will be watching for them now. I canít remember ever seeing an otter in Saskatchewan, although we have seen them off the ferry docks in B.C. I have a notion they can be tough on the beaver population, but at least they donít chop down trees!



taking turns

We picked a few saskatoons this week. It seems to me that the areas that were good producers last year or the year before are not producing well this year, and vice versa. Maybe that explains why we can get a good crop three dry years in a row, the bushes are taking turns!


Doreen & Jerry Crawford
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