The Greenwater Report for July 28, 2003


hot &

July 28th, 2003: What weather for holidayers! Hot and sunny, and not too windy, just perfect for lazing about on the beach, tanning, swimming, or just checking out this season’s styles in swimwear. Not a mosquito to be found (Doreen used repellent two days last spring, while working in her garden). There don’t seem to be all that many horseflies or ankle-biters, either.


On the other hand, crops around here are suffering badly from drought; that two inches we got early in July is long gone. It was so dry here then that water didn’t even puddle on the driveway < it just soaked right in! As I write this (a few days ago, we’re getting ready to gad about again) there is no outlook for rain in the near future.

good crops

Last week, we were surprised at how good the crops looked north of Tisdale. I think they got a few rains that missed us completely.


We actually stayed home Monday, but went to Prince Albert on Tuesday. It wasn’t really a holiday trip; Doreen had a medical appointment, but we took the motor home and stayed overnight in the Mary Nisbet Campground, north of the city. It was quite pleasant. We found a site that was well shaded from the west sun, and provided power for our air conditioner.


Our motor home is twenty-one feet long, but it has such a short wheelbase that it is just like driving a half-ton around in the city. One just has to remember that the back end swings a bit wide on a tight turn, and it needs a bit more parking space than a car or half-ton. It drives like a dream, and though it doesn’t have “dash air”, ventilation is pretty fair and hot weather doesn’t bother us too much. Good thing, too, because hot weather is what we are getting lots of. It is also twenty-two years old, so we don’t get a chance to be bored, we are always fixing something.


We came home Wednesday evening, stopping at Merv and Joanne Yacyshyn’s for a planked salmon supper with Doreen’s sorority group. Merv and Joanne were in Prince Rupert recently, and caught the fish themselves. I think Bill Drobot did most of the cooking; he had two planks nailed side by side and fastened the fillet to the planks with wires. They had a fire burning in an old tractor wheel and he pulled the coals to one side and stood the plank up against the other side. It did a beautiful job, with no scorching. I’m not much of a fish eater, but I could take a lot of that!


The icing on the cake was an incredible sunset, it looked as if the north-western sky was on fire!


Friday, we went to Silver Stream, north-east of Tisdale, to judge photography for the Connaught Agricultural Society’s annual fair. I was there last year, too, so either I didn’t do too bad a job or they are really desperate for judges. Plans are to stay for some of the fair, then go rambling again, which is why I am writing this early. (Doreen gets a bit miffed when every holiday has to be cut short so I can get my report out!)


Our sincerest condolences to Victor and Irene Ceslak and family. Their son, Ken, was killed in a motor accident recently. And get-well wishes to Levi Teale, who was badly injured in another motor accident.


I got a letter from Jean Halldorson, who is postmistress at Mozart. Jean read about our perambulations and had some suggestions for us:
“Perhaps one of your motorhome adventures could lead you south-west through my hometown of Nokomis. The museum there is very impressive… of the best in smalltown Saskatchewan, I think.”
She says there is a campsite in Nokomis and a Regional park on the east side of Last Mountain Lake. Sounds good, we will certainly try to get there, if not this year, then next. Thanks, Jean!


Doreen & Jerry Crawford
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