The Greenwater Report for June 9, 2003

Greenwater Provincial Park - Monday, June 9, 2003 - by: Jerry Crawford

June 8th, 2003: Itís Sunday evening, and we just got home from Humboldt, where our granddaughter Sara (without a doubt the loveliest bride who ever walked the aisle!) married Kevin Sawicki. It was an excellent affair, from the service, to the supper, to the dance. Doreen and I even got up for a few dances, though we tuckered out pretty early. Sara is the first of our grandchildren to tie the knot.

When we got home this evening, the roads were wet (the only wet roads we saw all weekend!) and there was a tenth of an inch in the gauge

The geese on the peninsula were pretty tame last Sunday; I biked within a few feet of them. If I had stopped for a photo, though, they would have been gone. One pair had about six goslings with them; they are the only young I have seen this year. I was standing on one of the Marina docks watching them; one goose led off into the water, but he held his head right down next to the water, much as they do on land when someone gets too close. He kept it like that, too, but the one that took up the rear kept its head high.





There was a big splash; I turned around and all I could see was ripples. A bit later, a beaver surfaced. They have killed everything on the island but the spruce, and lots on shore too. It wonít take them long before they kill everything close to the Marina.




The new Tackle Box was moved into place last Monday. It is the log building that Connie Schmidt used for a tea room a few years ago. They are going to have the big front porch facing north; it should look pretty nice.



Leonard and Levi Teale have been at work cleaning up the mess made when natural gas was piped in. They are smoothing out the trenches, putting down new topsoil, and seeding it to grass. Once the grass takes hold it will look fine again.




Our wild roses are blooming < isnít that earlier than usual?



Coming home Monday evening, we saw a big black dot and three smaller black dots cross the highway, a mama bear and three cubs. Rennebergs have had bears in their yard, so thereís no shortage of them.




George and Helen went out fishing last Wednesday, taking their Chihuahua, Sammy, along. I thought maybe they were going to drag Sammy behind the boat to attract fish, but they claim not. Fishing wasnít too bad; they caught some pickerel and jack.


While out there, they saw something big in the water; when they got a bit closer they realized it was an elk, out swimming in the lake. It swam around a while, then back to shore and away. Moose and water seem to go together, but one doesnít often hear of elk going for a swim.


There was a farewell party for Bernie Markus at the Park Hall on Wednesday; she is leaving to make her home in Regina, close to family. The party took the form of a potluck supper, and over fifty people came. As usual, it was a great meal. Amy Shuya sang a couple of songs, there were a few gifts, and Bernie very capably thanked the people for the party, and for being her friends for over twenty-five years.

A coincidence: the apartment block Bernie is moving to is one that her husband, Casey, helped to build!

Bernieís sister, Rita, and husband Cliff, had driven down from Abbotsford and came to the party with Bernie.


Doreen and I enjoyed a drama on the beach last Thursday. Doreen rode her bike along the path, and saw an adult killdeer and three tiny chicks near the path. There was another killdeer nearby, and not too far away was another bird that worried them. One adult spread her wings and the babies crawled under them; the other adult put on a display and kept between the family and that other bird, which Doreen thought might have been a gull or tern.
I came along a bit later, and the adult was putting on its injured act; I looked around for a nest and spotted the three babies, carbon copies of their parents, and running in all directions. Pretty birds; I donít know of another breed where the chicks look exactly like the parents.


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