The Greenwater Report for May 17, 2003

Greenwater Provincial Park - Monday, May 19, 2003 - by: Jerry Crawford




May 18th, 2003: Cold!!! The first of the week was okay; Wednesday was warm but very windy, and the rest of the week, it was all downhill. We havenít taken the boat out since we launched it - boating is fun, but not when your teeth are chattering! Doreen had been cracking the whip and getting the kids to haul bedding plants in and out of the garage, but I donít think we have had any frost lately.


That was quite a weekend! Our whole family was here, except for Ryan, who is a CO over in Grand Rapids. I suspect he is busy, as that Porcupine Forest fire is not far from there. I havenít even heard the news for three days, but assume it is still burning.


Old friends showed up from Kelliher, Mozart, Humboldt and Regina. Both of my sisters and their husbands, Doreenís sister, and numerous nieces and nephews were there, plus a few of their friends. Ron and Patty Malyk and their daughters, Jenny and Sara, came all the way from Prince George, Calgary, and Edmonton.



come & go




Our kids had arranged a come-and-go tea at the Park Hall Saturday afternoon, and many of our friends from Greenwater and Kelvington were there. At the same time, there werenít so many that we couldnít do lots of visiting. It was quality time from start to finish! Jenny organized the whole tea part herself; I believe she even made the goodies.

There were a very few, very brief speeches. I suspect Merv might have wanted to lay a little agony on me but forbore, likely through fear of reprisals through this column. The others were also quite kind.

We took the family out to the Cove for supper Saturday, and they put on a great spread for us. I even got a congratulations kiss from Jan!

Jenny had also arranged a family golf tournament at Kelvington for Sunday afternoon; twenty four of the group took part, and said they enjoyed the course but almost froze.

dock in

Well, the dock is in (Oh! My back!) and the boat has been serviced and launched. Mike gave me a hand with it, and we went for a little cruise before tying it up to the dock. Surprisingly, there had been very few boats in evidence right up to the long weekend, despite some nice weather.


We visited Ma Helenís Greenhouse north of Chelan on Wednesday. She says things are pretty well picked over, though there seemed to me to be a lot left. Nice looking plants, too. Doreen got some bedding plants, and I got some photos.




Lil opened the Beach Café in time for Mothersí Day, and Rose opened the Park Store last Thursday. The Park started manning the gate on Friday, and weíre all geared up for summer. After the weekend, the end of May and all of June are usually pretty quiet, and can be the time those of us who live here enjoy the most.




For the first time in a lot of years, mosquitoes are back in force. Tiny little creatures, but with a mean bite. I suppose we should be more careful, with the West Nile Virus constantly in the news, but I have never liked using repellents. If the mosquitoes donít tone down their demands, though, itís Deep Woods Off time.

Berry trees are beginning to bloom - saskatoons, pincherries, and chokecherries. If all this wind doesnít blow the pollen away before it can do its job, we might have another berry crop. Our currant bushes are loaded, but aphids are already starting to turn the leaves red. Last year, they cost us almost our entire currant crop, but this year Doreen has some diabolical plan to thwart them.


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