Greenwater Report for November 24, 2003


Foam Lake's elevators

The Greenwater Report for November 24, 2003



get used
to it

November 23rd, 2003: It was ó26° this morning, with a bright sun and no wind. I dug out my winter gear and went for a walk, and it was quite comfortable. We just need a good cold snap to get used to it.




The parking lot at Fishermanís Cove had a lot of cars in it last night. This morning, the dining room was nearly full and Lynn was going sixty miles an hour. I understand there were fifty two hunters here from New Brunswick, some staying at The Cove, some at Dubéís and likely some in Porcupine Plain and Kelvington. Quite a boost to the local economy!




The hunters I mentioned last week werenít here for long - they got a nice 3-year-old bull on Tuesday morning, and left that afternoon. I guess they figured it would yield enough meat for the five of them.

hoar frost



busy in
Foam Lake



just about
enough to



We woke up Tuesday morning to a heavy fog and the fallís first hoar frost. It was light here at the Park, but on the big hill it was lovely, and it lasted for two or three days, too.

We went to Foam Lake on Monday; started with a nice lunch at Willyís Grill then Doreen went to visit Mary Ann and I walked around taking some photos. I was surprised at the number of cars on the main street - usually small town Saskatchewan is pretty dead on Mondays. The café wasnít very full when we got there, but it was by the time we left, so maybe there was a meeting that had attracted a lot of people.

We got some snow Wednesday afternoon and evening; I shoveled the driveways next morning and figure there must have been two to three inches of fresh stuff, enough to make everything clean again, but not enough to cause problems. There is just about enough for skiing here in the core area; the trails will need a lot more before they can be properly groomed, though. We will do our skiing on the path along the lake - itís nice and flat.
















The Farmersí Market in Porcupine Plain had at least twelve tables going, the most they have had this season. There didnít seem to be many people, though, unless more came in after we left.

Late in the afternoon, we went to Kelvington to give Jenny a hand in Crawfordís Family Fashions. It was Moonlight Madness; the town was really busy, and I donít know how the girls at the store kept up. Doreen and I just wandered around keeping an eye on things and straightening up some of the displays.

We went back to Kelvington on Saturday, visited the Noel Bazaar at the Legion Hall. Doreen says it is one of the best craft bazaars in this part of the province.

We had a nice, hot chili lunch there, then went back to the store and set up to take Santa pictures. It was quieter than last year, but we did seventeen groups. I used the digital camera and took the laptop computer and ink-jet printer down, so after I was finished shooting, I printed out the photos. Several people came and picked up their photos that afternoon.


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