Greenwater Report for October 27, 2003

The Greenwater Report for October 27, 2003








October 26th, 2003: A cool day, overcast but not too windy. I don't think the temperature got above about +2° all day, but no more rain or snow. We got a total of about 3/10ths of an inch of moisture.

We just got back from our annual visit to Perigord's famous Fall Supper. It's justly famous, too, for great food and ambience. The parish hall is small, therefore crowded, but that just adds to its appeal. There must have been close to a record crowd there tonight; we saw a lot of people from Kelvington and district, and Frank told us there were some from Wadena. We always go a bit late and that way while we might miss out on the pumpkin pie we don't have to jump up and give our place to the next person. We can relax and do a bit of visiting.

Friday morning, it was drizzling, cold, and a strong north wind. We decided we didn't want to go for a walk. Shortly after nine, it turned into snow. We went to Porcupine Plain; the snow wasn't sticking to the road but it looked like good planing conditions so we took it pretty slow. On the way back, we saw a little white mini-van down amongst the bulrushes in a very deep ditch, near the Big Hill, and from its tracks on the road decided it must have been going a little too fast. There were footprints coming up onto the highway so we didn't check further. We heard of a couple more accidents, one of them involving some personal injury.



Things were slow at the Farmers' Market - not many tables, and not many customers. I suspect the weather made a lot of people decide to stay snug and warm at home. There was a sixth of an inch in the rain gauge that morning, so the weather wasn't all bad.




Bjorkdale's annual dinner theater was Friday night, so we braved the weather and went. Never let it be said that common sense kept us from a good feed! The roads were slushy in the Park, and we kept our speed down to about 70 kmh. Once we got out of the Park the highways weren't too bad. When we came home, it was colder, and the roads were a little better.



The dinner theatre was great! An excellent roast beef dinner, with a lovely dessert, a cross between cheesecake and apple pie with a little pumpkin-shaped piece of cheese. Centerpiece was a goldfish bowl with two goldfish swimming around, quite a visual feast with the candles behind the bowl. The theatre was a delightful little comedy, and was very well received. We thought there might be a turnout problem with road conditions as they were, but could see very few empty chairs.




Last night, we went to Kelvington for the Chamber of Commerce's first Harvest Hoedown. We feasted on roast pork, a whole pig cooked all day on a spit on Russ Kush's big barbecue, and pitchfork fondue steaks, enjoyed music by a number of local artists, bought some raffle tickets (and won some prizes!) and visited. There were both silent and live auctions, capably run by Clint Peterson. There were well over a hundred people there, and it would have to qualify as a very successful event




It was snowing again when we left, but not hard enough to cause us any problems coming home. Now we have to concentrate on a bit less eating for awhile - it's catching up with us!


Doreen & Jerry Crawford
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