Greenwater Report for April 12, 2004


The Greenwater Report for April 12, 2004

bright, sunny, cold

April 11th, 2004: Bright and sunny, calm, but about ó12°. It sure doesnít take long for us to get spoiled - itís not too long ago that this would be considered balmy! The outlook is for warmer temperatures for the next few days, and that will be welcome.




















We went to Kelvington and had Easter supper with Jenny. We also got acquainted with her newest cat, Gee, and re-acquainted with the old ones. What a bunch of characters! Old Frankie, thirteen years old, fat, and black as night is cautiously friendly with people but likes other cats to keep their distance - especially her son, Big Bear. He must be eleven years old, is huge, steel gray, and tough as nails. When people come around, though, he hides under the bed. Peanut was a sorry-looking, bedraggled stray hanging around the Cove when Jenny adopted her. She immediately tried to knock the other cats into line, but it didnít work. She is snow-white, with one blue eye and one yellow. The last two or three inches of her tail hangs down, and is always in the mud, or caught in the door, or getting stepped on. And Gee, the latest addition, is a funny little tabby with six toes on each foot and no tail. Itís not a Manx - Jenny thinks it is a product of two cousins. It is an affectionate little guy who likes to play, but sometimes those claws come out.

We still have a fair amount of snow wherever the sun doesnít get a good run at it, on the north sides of buildings. The creek has been running (just a trickle) for about a week now, and will continue until the snow in the bush to the south of us has melted and either soaked in or run off. It obviously isnít going to make much difference to the lake level.

There seems to be a fair amount of traffic in the park. Even though there is no snowmobiling, it looks as if some families are going to spend at least part of the Easter break out here. This must be one of the best winters the park has had for activity - due, no doubt, to the excellent trails.

Bill Gudjonson
said he went for a walk on the ice yesterday; a good-sized crack has opened up from near the marina, close to shore past our place, and over towards Uskatik, but the ice is solid. He said there has been a lot of creaking and groaning from the ice in the evenings.

Again the innocent third parties (the SIAST students) get slapped down because the union and management are unwilling or unable to settle their differences. Both sides, of course, put up convincing arguments for the validity of their respective positions, but the fact remains they arenít doing their jobs. How simple it would be if legislation called for agreement on a new contract thirty days or more before the expiry of the old, or an arbitrator would impose a settlement. In other words, recognize the rights of the third party by outlawing strikes, slowdowns, lockouts or other job action. Why wonít they listen?!!



let it

And Air Canada? Let it go. Sure, jobs will be lost - thatís what Employment Insurance is for. Better to pay that than to bonus fat cats for losing millions. It wonít be long before the assets, and most of the employees, are taken up by companies that know how to run airlines.



ate the

I got an e-mail from Vivian Broberg, offering condolences on Tedís death. She said she just got home from Kelowna and caught a nice jack. I e-mailed back and asked for a picture, but she replied that no, she ate the fish, so I will have to take a picture of her.




Doreen just propped up a letter in front of me - itís one our grandchildren wrote to the Easter Bunny back in 1993. It says:
ďDear Easter Bunny, Here are some eggs for you. We hope you like them. Come after Grandpa is in bed or heíll eat all the chocolates. Love, The Kids.Ē



for sale

There are a lot of rumors going around about changes in the park. We knew that Lilianne did not plan to run the Beach Café this year, but now we hear it is being offered for sale. Interesting!



The Tackle Box is another business up for sale. As far as we know, there is no planned change in the status of the Park Store. Everyone is hoping Rose runs it again this year - she does a good job.


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