Greenwater Report for December 14, 2004

The Greenwater Report for December 14, 2004

December 12th, 2004: We have had some precipitation pretty well every day last week; not much at any time, but it adds up. Yesterday was so warm that it came in the form of rain, hardly welcome at this time of year. We went to Porcupine Plain for the Farmers’ Market and found we had to walk very carefully. It’s a bit cooler today, but still only about —10°. It blew hard all night but I don’t see any drifts. I guess the snow is too crusted to blow.

George Renneberg was at Miller’s for coffee last Thursday. It was good to see him. He has been battling health problems all summer and fall, and hasn’t been at coffee row. George goes in for surgery tomorrow, and the good wishes of the whole community go out to him. We look forward to him and Helen again becoming regulars at coffee.

I asked George about his success at fishing this winter; he said he didn’t catch any, but since his son, Dave, was with him, George deliberately didn’t catch any so Dave wouldn’t feel bad. Sounds like big-hearted George, doesn’t it?

They tell me there are several ice-fishing huts out on the ice, on this side of the points as well as further north. Which reminds me - Doreen has a good, plastic ice-fishing tent that she is obviously never going to use. Any interested buyers? We are asking fifty dollars for it, and the money will go to Breast Cancer Research.

Jenny is going to be one of ten core riders in next February’s “
Prairie Women on Snowmobiles Ride for Breast Cancer Research. The core riders travel the full 1,600 kms, but other women are invited to ride along with them for as far as they like.

Each core rider is responsible for raising $3,000, 100% of which goes for Breast Cancer Research. Riders’ expenses for meals, fuel and lodging are provided by local donations, so not a penny is used for administration. Jenny has pledge sheets at her stores in Kelvington and Wadena (Crawford’s Family Fashions) so if you would like to give her a boost, stop in and make a donation.

Our little coffee row group throws a loonie each into a pot at coffee, and all of it goes to Jenny’s ride. Also, we have a number of photos and books for sale at Jenny’s Kelvington store, and all the proceeds from their sale goes to the fund.

.Luckily, we have some snow, so we are needling Jenny to get her snowmobile out and get toughened up!

We went to Hudson Bay on Friday, to have lunch with Mike and Marg and the boys. Hudson Bay still has two elevators, so while the girls were shopping I took a few photos. Why is it that we assume things like elevators will always be there? All the years I have been taking pictures I rarely bothered with elevators, yet they stood still, caught the sun, and were very photogenic. In my railroad days I must have worked in thirty or forty different stations, including that one in Mistatim, but have no pictures of any of them. For some reason, I didn’t carry a camera with me in those days, though I must have had one or two at home. What a pity!

Everett Baker was a Sask. Wheat Pool supervisor in the forties and fifties; he was also an avid photographer, working with color slide film almost as soon as it was developed. He liked to take pictures of people - on the job, on the street, or at their homes. His archives are now with the Saskatchewan Natural History Society, and frequently his photos are played as slide shows on TV, or as exhibitions in libraries, etc. They are wonderful! Not only are they good pictures, but each subject is identified by name and the place the photo was taken, true vignette’s of prairie history. If you ever get the chance to see his work, don’t miss it
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