Greenwater Report for December 21, 2004

The Greenwater Report for December 21, 2004

December 19th, 2004: It’s a little warmer today, only —11° this morning where yesterday morning was —26°. There was a high wind all night but it died down somewhat when the sun came up. That has been the case quite often recently - windy all night, then calm in the morning, with the temperature bouncing all over the place.

Work on the TV tower is progressing slowly. Wind is their enemy, which I can understand - when you are several hundred feet above the ground, hanging on with a thin belt, you don’t want the wind blowing things around. When we went to Marquette’s for coffee on Thursday, we could see the gin pole sticking up above the rest of the tower; on our way back there was no sign of it, so we assumed they had pulled up another section. I would guess it is about four hundred feet high now, with a couple hundred left to go.

We still don’t have much snow; I shoveled the driveways once but haven’t had the snowblower running at all. We got some warm days that took away a lot of snow. Friday, in particular, the temperature went up to about +4° with a strong, warm wind. There had been about an inch of snow on our north deck since I last shoveled it, and it all melted. Then it went down to —26° Friday night! Walking is still okay, but one has to watch, as there are some very icy patches. There are more and more snowmobile tracks in evidence. There isn’t enough snow to groom the trails so I expect riding is pretty rough, but it doesn’t matter on these new machines.

It’s smooth enough on the lake, of course, as long as one avoids the pressure ridges. I see several ice-fishing huts out there, with a snowmobile dashing back and forth from one side of the lake to the other.

We had a grand evening on Thursday. My sister, Cathy, was down from Prince Albert, so we went to Porcupine Plain to attend the Band Concert and Drama Presentation at the high school. Different - and delightful! Anyone who missed it can see the drama presentation again next summer, at Homecoming.

This is the year our kids go to their in-laws’ places for Christmas, so for the first time in fifty years we will not be home for Christmas! In 1954, we went to Doreen’s home town, Glaslyn, but that was the last time away from home. In the past ten years, we have spent a couple of Christmases by ourselves and a couple more with just ourselves and Jenny, but every other year we have the whole bunch home. Both events are enjoyable.

Of course, we can’t go empty handed, so Doreen has been cooking up a storm. She even made a bunch of cabbage rolls, which turned out pretty good even though she’s not Ukrainian. A whole bunch of tart shells, baklava, and apple turnovers, made with phyllo dough, out of respect for our diet - that means I can eat twice as many. I mostly just keep out of the way, unless my expertise as a taster is required.

Before that, she wrapped gifts for everyone in the family, then made Christmas cards and “to and from” cards. I don’t know where she gets the energy. She does say that this is going to be the last year for gifts, though - she is running out of ideas.

This will be the last Report until January. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, y’all! See you in January!
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