Greenwater Report for January 12, 2003


The Greenwater Report for January 12, 2003



4 or 5

January 4th, 2004:Finally, some Snow! It started last evening, and snowed very gently all night. I started up the blower and cleaned the driveway, and there must have been a good four to five inches of the stuff. Everything is nice and clean and white again. It snowed a bit more today again, in fact there is some fine stuff coming down as I write this. Let Ďer come!



still fishing

I noticed a half-ton driving along away out on the lake by the fishing huts, so the snow hasnít discouraged the fishermen.




Walking is heavy, and also a bit risky. There are some icy patches on the road that can be avoided if one can see them, but with a skiff of snow they are twice as slippery and also invisible. I went for a walk around the subdivision this evening, and it wasnít too bad. Very pleasant out, with little or no wind, temperature about Ė7° and a haze in the air that reflects light down into the dark spots.




I have a pet peeve - election posters that are left up after the election is over. Three of the four parties that ran candidates here last fall took their posters down very soon after the election, and for that we thank them. To Harry Kerr and the Liberal Party, though, I say: hasnít anyone discussed with you the common courtesy involved in cleaning up after yourself? Or are you expecting another election shortly?




I had a long conversation with Archie Taylor of Crooked River recently. He spoke of fishing at three small, interconnected lakes between Chelan and Bjorkdale, called them Sawmill Lakes, or Perch Lakes. I had never heard of them before. Fishing there has been slow this past summer, but was excellent in the past. In fact, he once caught a perch that measured a full foot long! The lakes are deep and spring-fed, but access is limited and only suitable for canoes or very small boats. He suggests giving them a year or two to bring the fish population back up.



cold & wet
in China

Our grandson, Scott, has a month off, over in China. Where he is living is just about latitude 29°, very close to that of New Orleans, but ever since his holiday started it has been cold, wet and foggy. Also, he just bought a digital camera and is anxious to try it out, but the weather just wonít co-operate!




We went to Saskatoon last Thursday; Doreen had an appointment to have a bone scan, which she has waited four months for. She got there a half hour early as suggested, got right in, and the process took about five minutes! Is it the admitting and administration that causes the long waits? It sure isnít the process itself!



Doreen and Jenny are off to Watrous to check out the spa. That means I will have to send this out without having Doreen proof read it. It also means I have run out of anything to talk about!


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