Greenwater Report for January 26, 2004


The Greenwater Report for January 26, 2004



clear and

January 25th, 2004: Itís still cold, but just in the twenties. The wind came up during the night but settled down again by morning. We got some very light snow this afternoon, but as I write this it hasnít amounted to anything. With light winds, walking is a pleasure even though it is cold. Friday night, especially, was pleasant, because the sky was clear and the stars bright.


I have to apologize - I clean forgot to mention the Naicam Cross-Country Ski Clubís annual Loppet, which was held yesterday. The day started out at ó34°, but it was sunny and calm. Shirley Baker told me that despite the cold, they had 65 skiers register, and figure there must have been about twenty or more that came on the busses from Regina, went out skiing, but didnít register. Not bad! A hardy bunch!



I went over to the trail head to get a photo or two; I asked one young lady if she found it cold and she said,
ďIt was when we started out this morning, but now itís only about ó18°!Ē
Rob Howse was there; he had just come in and was warming up his car; then he took off to do another fifteen kms. He made a point of telling me some of the skiers were in their seventies - I wonder if he was telling me something? I tried the skis once this winter, but I still canít stand up in the damned things!




The snowmobilers havenít been deterred by the cold - there were a dozen or more machines in the Cove parking lot, and we have heard them running back and forth. The groomer grooms the boulevard in front of our place as part of the snowmobile trail, so we know when thereís any activity.




We went out to Alberta a week ago last Thursday, intending to stay a few days and be back the middle of last week. Somehow or other, we got doing this and that and didnít leave Beiseker until last Thursday. We bought Sandy and Blaineís motor home and brought it back. It is five years newer than ours, yet had less than 40,000 kms on it, and is in showroom condition. We took our old one to Watrous and put it in Success RVís lot for sale. Now we can hardly wait for the touring season!



good heater

I was surprised to see it was about ó26° when we got home, yet I had the heater fan on low and was quite comfortable. Not a bad heater for a summertime vehicle!


Rob Howse


wait a year

Last week, I said that Doreen had to wait two months for her bone scan. She tells me that is not correct - she had to wait a year!


golf pro

Green Hills Golf Course has a new golf pro - Gord Brayton, presently living in Regina. I have only met him through e-mail. He would like to build a decent web page for the Golf Course and has Family Farmers of Archerwill working on it. It will have links to my and to the Park web page. If we get them all linked together they are much more effective. I am looking forward to meeting Gord in person.


Doreen & Jerry Crawford
Box 100, Chelan, SK S0E 0N0 (306) 278-3423


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