Greenwater Report for June 29, 2004

The Greenwater Report for June 29, 2004

June 27th, 2004: Finally, a real summer day! It got up to 25° today, with sunshine and little wind. I’ll swear the crops grew six inches!

What a weekend! Yesterday, we went to Hudson Bay to attend our grandson’s grad - Mike’s and Marg’s son, Aaron, made it through! Aaron decided that rather than rent a tux like all the rest of the guys, he wanted to wear a kilt of the Crawford tartan. Mike’s friend, Scottie, was very interested in this, and provided a good deal of the costume and lots of advice. Aaron made us all proud by wearing his highland costume as if he had been born to it! Congratulations, Aaron!

Next Tuesday, we go to Humboldt to take some pictures of our granddaughter, Laura, who is graduating too. After this, we have only one grandchild left to graduate, Danny at Hudson Bay, and it will be about eighteen years before the first great-grandchild graduates. I don’t know if I will still be taking pictures then.

We got home be midnight, and were up again at seven this morning. By nine we took off for Tisdale, picked up a couple of members of Parkland Photography Club and went to Candle Lake for a field trip. We met two more members there, and had a wonderful time. Highlight of the trip was a visit to Dennis Chamberlain’s Timberline Gallery, and a visit with Dennis. His photography is second to none, and is available in sizes from 4” x 6” (art cards) to about 30” x 40”. Many of the bigger pieces are canvas mounted and framed, for a marvelous effect. Subject matter includes excellent wildlife studies, nostalgia, and scenics. Dennis is very friendly and generous with information and advice, and a real joy to visit with. We heartily recommend a visit to his gallery if you are in or near Candle Lake.

We also visited the Intarsia gallery of Mr. & Mrs. Wilf Litzenberger, just about a block from the Timberline Gallery. For those not familiar with it, intarsia is art made up of pieces of different kinds (and therefore, colours) of wood, polished and glued together to form a picture. The Litzenbergers were also very friendly and hospitable, not hesitating to show us how the work is done, and the tools they work with. Another recommended visit.

Then we went on a little hike to a heritage farmyard just a little way south of the townsite. It was a good trail in, and only about a half-mile walk. There were buildings there that we never did discover a purpose for, but most interesting was the house. It was built in 1938 of squared logs (sawn) with the most interesting interlocking corner detail, something I have never seen before. It was obviously built by a man who knew his business, and is as straight and square today as it was when first built. I doubt if the walls were ever covered, and they have weathered to a beautiful warm brown, with no sign of rot.

In between trips to Tisdale, Regina, Hudson Bay, and Candle Lake, we have been bustling about getting ready for Doreen’s July 1st garage sale. It will obviously spread out into the yard, the garage just isn’t big enough! Where do we accumulate all that stuff? Several other people are contributing articles, but I suspect we had enough of our own to stock it.

We watched five or six pelicans bobbing around at the mouth of the marina, then another batch of six joined them. Mel says they are feasting on suckers that are trying to get upstream to spawn. Several people have mentioned seeing suckers in the creek.

There was going to be an attempt to dredge the channel into the marina last week, but I understand it was called off when they found the backhoe they planned to use was not suitable. I don’t know if another attempt will be made or not, but will keep you posted.
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