Greenwater Report for March 15, 2004


The Greenwater Report for March 15, 2004



March 14th, 2004: We just got back from a weekís holiday, and found some new snow in our driveway. Not enough to give us a problem, but it looked like about a three-foot drift in front of the garage. When I stuck the shovel in it, it bounced off. Finally I realized the snow had slid off the metal roof during the warm weather, then turned to ice when the temperature dropped again. I managed to get past it with the blower to clean up the driveway, but the car will have to sit outside until it warms up again.



Las Vegas

Last Saturday, we flew out of Saskatoon to Calgary, then to Seattle, then to Las Vegas, where Sandy and Blaine were waiting for us. Our plan was to stay there overnight, then drive down to Lake Havasu, where Sandy and Blaine have a timeshare. We didnít reckon with Las Vegas weekend traffic. It took us at least two hours to drive down the Strip to Fremont Street, where we learned that there wasnít a hotel room available in town, partly because of the weekend, and partly because of Nascar races. We didnít find a room until we got to Laughlin, and by the time we got to bed it was about 3:30 AM Saskatchewan time.




We had a wonderful week at Lake Havasu City; the time-share was at the London Bridge Inn, right beside the bridge and the English Village. You have likely heard the story of that bridge - the city of London, England decided London Bridge was no longer adequate for their traffic, so they put it up for sale. McCulloch (who makes chainsaws in his spare time) bought it for about 1.3 million, shipped it by boat to California, then by truck or rail to Lake Havasu, for a further cost of over five million. There was a peninsula sticking out into the lake; the bridge was reconstructed, piece by piece, on dry land, then a boat channel was dredged out underneath it, so that the peninsula became an island.



Lake Havasu City is pretty new; I donít think there was much there before about 1968 when Davis dam was built on the Colorado River to create a reservoir for thirsty Californians. It is very clean, beautifully landscaped, and prosperous-looking. We didnít see any sign of graffiti, or panhandlers or other undesirables. Lots of bikers, but they were mostly old farts like ourselves.




The weather was perfect; into the 80s every day, and still shirtsleeve weather late into the evening. There was a light overcast one day, and it was welcome - it would have been too hot if the sun had been out


We made a side trip to Oatman,
where we petted the donkeys,
or burros, watched a shoot-out,
visited the tourist traps, and saw
some incredible scenery.

Another day, we went to Grand Canyon where we had a helicopter ride over the Canyon. I was a bit disappointed in it; once we were
in the air and finished going backwards and sideways, we
might as well have been in a fixed-wing plane for far less

Afterwards, we went to a
couple of viewpoints on the rim,
and I felt the view was much
better than from the helicopter.



I hadnít flown in a commercial plane since 1990, and all the security checks and routines were new to me. We went through them four or five times; first time, in Saskatoon, a sensor picked up a trace of something on Doreenís overnight bag - they thought it was TNT. They retrieved a suitcase she had checked and went through it bit by bit, and even did a personal search of Doreen (donít believe any tales that she was strip-searched!) We had no tight schedules, though, and it was interesting. We were very impressed, every time, with the cheerful and friendly attitude of the security and other airport staff - they almost made it fun!


Part of the Grand Canyon you can't see from the rim


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