Greenwater Report for March 23, 2004


The Greenwater Report for March 23, 2004


bit by bit

March 21st, 2004: Itís been colder the last few days, in fact, it got down to ó23° Saturday night. Itís overcast and calm today. Every day, there seems to be a bit of new snow; it never amounts to much but every bit is welcome.




We went to Prince Albert last Wednesday. Gas was 76.9¢ in Tisdale, 81.9¢ in Melfort, and 76.9¢ in Prince Albert.




When Merv caught his big fish a couple of weeks ago, he was fishing with George. Merv said he was using eight-pound line so had to handle the fish carefully; he would just get it up to the hole and it would take off. George said he had a ling, not a jack. Finally, Merv got its head through the hole, when his line broke. He quickly thrust two fingers into its gills and managed to wrestle it to the ice, at the cost of a bit of blood from his finger. When George saw that it was actually a jack, he tried to claim it, saying that it was a hole he had dug. Merv disagreed.



I am sorry to hear that Jim Jarvis passed away. Jim and Marge were residents of Porcupine Plain for twenty-five or thirty years, and had a cottage at the Park for almost that long. I first met him, though, when he was an accountant at the Bank of Montreal in Kelliher; that would have been about 1954. They also lived in Swan River, where they were friendly with my cousin and his wife, Lloyd and Marge Lovell. Jimís funeral was last Friday. Our condolences to the family.




Had planned to go to the Home Styles Show in Saskatoon on Friday - our son, Lloyd, had a display of his Beauty Craft bathroom fixtures and we wanted to see it. Jenny phoned Thursday night to suggest we reconsider - it was storming like crazy there. We looked out, and it was storming here, too, but not as bad. We heard a crash that sounded like it came from the roof on the east side, but couldnít see any tin missing. Merv and Shirley saw some lightning, which I assume was accompanied by thunder, but Iím sure that wasnít what we heard. The metal lid from our garbage can, which sits on the deck on the south side, was missing, with no sign of it anywhere. Could a gust have picked it out of the deck and blown it across the roof? I guess anything is possible with wind.


Lloyd's Beauty Craft Booth: Lloyd on right, Lory Sproxton second from left


We did go in on Saturday; the roads were bare, slushy, icy, half bare, and wet, but we had no trouble. We thought it was a very good show; Lloydís booth looked good and his products got a lot of attention. He, Lory Sproxton, and plant manager Eddy were all kept busy.



cabin owner

Remember Lory Sproxton? His family had a cottage in Uskatik. He and Lloyd chummed together in their teenage years, and have remained fast friends ever since.




The annual Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Banquet and Fundraiser is on March 27th this year - thatís next Saturday. Their merchandise is all on display at the Cove, and it looks like some nice stuff. There are a lot of engraved knives this year, more than usual, I think, and some great-looking clothing. A faded denim jacket with an embossed leather back panel caught my eye; I only have about two dozen jackets, too. June Woulfe tells me the tickets are going fast, so better get yours. Itís always a great evening.



The annual Perigord Parish Hall Rummage Sale is on Monday, which is tomorrow, and too late if you just read about it in this column. I just hadnít been paying attention to the notices and it snuck up on me. We get a kick out of watching people going through the clothing - the pile seems to float in mid-air! We enjoy the lunch, too.



Which reminds me - Shirley gave me an invitation to copy about three weeks ago; I forgot completely, so expect she has had it copied elsewhere. It is for the Porcupine Plain and Area Homecoming, planned for July 1 - 3, 2005. I know itís a long time away, but make your holiday plans now. For more information, call the Town Office at (306) 278-2262, or check out their website at




With the sidelining of the capable and dedicated Clay Serby for reasons of health, the reluctant NDP government finds itself in an unenviable position - no majority and a unified opposition. I believe, however, that it would be foolish of the Saskatchewan Party to take advantage of the situation. It is obvious that some austere measures will have to be taken to get the province back on track, and the government that imposes those measures will be unpopular. If the Saskatchewan Party suddenly finds itself in the driverís seat, it will have to take those measures, and bear the unpopularity. They would be smart to avoid defeating the NDP on a confidence vote, and let the NDP take the heat. When things turn around is when the Saskatchewan Party wants to come into power - it will be seen as the saviour!


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