Greenwater Report for May 25, 2004


The Greenwater Report for May 25, 2004






May 23rd, 2004: Friday was cold, rainy, windy and snowy. Saturday was cool but sunny, and by afternoon we were working outside without jackets. This morning, which was supposed to be cold and rainy, started out about +4° and sunny, but it clouded over by noon and sprinkled on and off all afternoon.

Marg came down from Hudson Bay; we took the motor home, picked up Jenny in Kelvington and visited some greenhouses. First we went to TLC Greenhouse (OíNeillís) right at Kelvington; the girls shopped for bedding plants and I took pictures of the flowers and the alpacas; also of some kids playing on a trampoline. Then we went to Rosebud Greenhouse (Godheís) over near Wadena where the girls got a few more plants. On the way back, we stopped by Borden and Ellen Batiukís and took a shot of an Eskimo rock figure (Inukshuk?) outside the yard. Then up to My Three Sons Greenhouse (Kelly & Allen Onyskiw) northeast of Kelvington where they finished their shopping. For being so patient, and such a good driver, they bought me supper at Kelvington.






We set out to walk to the Cove for coffee yesterday, but noticed some cars parked at the Beach Café. We went there, and Connie Schmidt was behind the counter. She found out Tuesday that her bid was successful; she served coffee on Wednesday, and her supplies came in Thursday and Friday. Iím surprised the Government made up its mind so quickly - after all, the café didnít have to open until Friday!






and Joyce were at the boathouse getting it ready to go, so itís safe to say rumors that it wasnít going to open this year were unfounded. And Rose is back at the Park Store, all ready for the rush.

The yard has been full of birds. Besides the black ones, we have several varieties of sparrows, most commonly the chipping sparrow, orioles feeding at our hummingbird feeder, and goldfinches. Fowlers said they were out on the nature trail and saw a lot of water thrushes. I suppose these birds are always around; perhaps we see them more because of the lack of leaves on the trees.



Speaking of which, there werenít many more leaves out in Manitoba than here; less, in some places. The trees seem most advanced in low areas, such as river valleys. It looks more like April than nearly the end of May!

We spent a few days touring Manitoba last week. Cathy came down from Prince Albert and went with us. We left Sunday, and spent the first night at Russellís town campground. It is very nice, level, and free (though donations are welcome) and included electricity. We recommend it.

We began seeing snow in the ditches east of Russell, and they were evident during our entire tour. Some said they got a foot or more of wet, sloppy snow, but nobody complained.

At Erickson, we took some photos of their Viking ship, and had coffee at Beans & Treasures, a tearoom and craft shop. Also highly recommended ó great cinnamon buns!










On for a tour of Stonewall, including the Quarry Park, then to Selkirk where we went to a place called The Garden of Eaton, on Eaton St. We had a marvellous lunch there, served by a very pleasant young lady. Top notch! We stayed at the Selkirk campground beside the Marine Museum - I could happily spend several days there!




Next morning, we went to Winnipeg and visited Liz & Perc for a couple of hours, then left for Souris. On the way, we stopped at Glenboro to photograph their very respectable camel, Sara. We visited with relatives at Souris, for a very enjoyable evening, then spent the night in the Souris Park Campground, another great one, level, shaded (when there are any leaves on the trees) and fully serviced.




At Brandon, Doreen found a place called Lady of the Lake, a tearoom and craft shop. I had a raspberry scone and Devon cream, and it was heavenly! Another highly recommended stop!




We had lunch at Wasagaming Village in Riding Mountain National Park then went to Roblin. We went to the Station House Restaurant and had coffee and apple strudel ó another strong recommendation! An Austrian couple operates the place; she cooks, he bakes, and both are very friendly. We are going to make sure we get back there around mealtime someday soon ó the menu looks delicious!




Do you get the idea that we do nothing but eat on our trips?




We planned to spend the night at the York Lake Regional Park south of Yorkton, but it was locked up tight, so we went to the City Campground, on Highway #16. It was very nice; right beside the Yellowhead, but enough trees to kill the traffic noise.




It rained pretty well all Thursday night, but when we got a little west of Buchanan, we met a car with snow on its roof and hood. A little farther on it began to snow, and by the time we got to Invermay, the fields were white. There was enough slush on the highway that I had to slow down to about 60 kmh. By the time we got to Wadena there was no more snow, but it started again at Kelvington. There was a half-inch of very welcome water in our gauge when we got home.


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