Greenwater Report for October 19, 2004

The Greenwater Report for October 19, 2004

October 17th, 2004: Cold again. It got down to ó9° last night and there was a skiff of snow on the ground this morning. There were a couple more flurries during the morning, but the snow was all gone by noon. The wind was from the south, there were no waves on our side, and the lake looked as if it was frozen over. Chilling thought! Some moose hunters are coming to stay in our cottage today - maybe that bit of snow will quiet things down and make hunting easier.
I went combining for the first three days of this week. Itís getting close to the end, and with bad weather threatening, Elmer and Craig Gudmundson brought over their two machines. The weather beat us, though, and we had to quit. Next morning there was water lying around, so I got Laurie to drive me home. There arenít many acres left - frost canít hurt them so just a couple of days of good weather and they will be all done.
Doreen had a booth at Porcupine Plaineís Fall Fair Thursday, offering photos in different formats, plus some of Shirley Millerís translucent stones. There were a lot of people and the lunch counter did a booming business, but sales were almost nil. The awful weather brought people in from the fields with nothing to do, but they arenít spending money.
Grain piles all over the country! The elevators couldnít help much this fall - with the entire harvest taking place in three weeks, they are plugged up. Iím told, though, that there is very little waste when grain is piled outside, as long as the deer and other animals donít climb around on it. The cost of bins is over a dollar a bushel, so maybe thereís no economic advantage to having a roof for everything. One thing about a pile outside - when the grain is sold, there are no further payments on the storage!
Bernard Hayunga tells me he saw a female northern cardinal recently. It has been a regular visitor at Don Forbesí bird feeder. Don is an avid birder and if something different shows up, he spots it.
Bernard saw a deer carcass with several ravens and three bald eagles feeding on it. We donít usually think of eagles in flocks, but I remember seeing eight or ten of them at a road kill in southern Saskatchewan years ago.

Our social life is sadly curtailed with the Beach Café, the Golf Course and the Cove all shut down. We are suffering coffee withdrawal. It wasnít too bad while I was harvesting but now we will really miss it. I see some ads in the paper where the Tisdale Credit Union is calling for tenders for the Cove; they close on October 31st or November 4th, depending on which paper you read. Wouldnít it be nice if someone bought it and opened up the coffee shop part for the winter? We hope.

Merv Miller tells me there has been some activity at the TV tower - at least, some footings have been poured. Every time I drive by, I look to see if the tower has risen above the trees, but not so far. The plan is to have it operating by mid-November and since they are constructing it the old-fashioned way, they need some nice, calm weather. Donít we all!
Water-hauling season is here again. All summer, we just run a hose from the standpipe out on the boulevard to fill our water tank. Since the water line is only two or three feet deep, the water is turned off and the lines blown out around the end of September and after that we have to haul. Our old truck died about the time we moved down here and we never did have a tank, so we just get Brian Shuya to haul our water for us. It doesnít cost any more than licensing a truck, and we donít have to clutter up the yard with trucks and tanks.
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