The Greenwater Report for
October 9, 2006

Greenwater Provincial Park, Monday, October 9, 2006
October 8th, 2006: It wasn’t too cold Saturday morning when we got up – about 8°, but it was drizzling lightly. By about nine, it started raining in earnest and kept it up all day, gradually getting colder and turning to snow later in the evening. Our gauge showed over and inch and a half of rain. Mike got a picture of the car covered with snow, but by morning it was all gone.

This morning started out cold, windy and overcast but the clouds broke up somewhat and we got brief periods of sunshine. In between were equally brief periods of rain, which didn’t amount to much. It even hailed a bit. Not the nicest day.

Last night was Ducks Unlimited’s Annual Fund Raising Banquet at The Cove. We didn’t go as we had a houseful of company, but understand it was a successful event. Sharon Fowler said she didn’t think merchandise went as high as it has other years, but there were lots of people, a good meal, and a good time had by all.

I pulled the dock in last week. Every year, I promise myself to take it out at Labour Day. Every year I wind up splashing around in icy cold water at Thanksgiving. Was it ever cold! With the lake as high as it is, it gets deep quickly close to shore, and that means it was well over my waist at the end of the dock. Paralyzing! And for what? A few times a year, we walk out on it to see how high the water is compared to our pet rock. Every once in a long while someone may come along and make a few casts off the end of the dock. Next year, it can stay where it is – high and dry on shore, unless someone else wants the joy of putting it out and taking it in..

We were in Saskatoon early in the week; when we came home on Wednesday, we saw two combines working in the same field. Then we went to Kelvington on Friday and saw lots of combines working. I’m not sure how much value there is in crop that is still out, but I guess it’s better off the fields than on them. If they didn’t get finished Friday, it could be awhile before they get started again.

We went to the Cove for coffee Friday and found our coffee table set up in the new coffee shop, The Round Table. They had done some very tasteful painting, set up an electric fireplace, and grouped some sofas and easy chairs around it. The girls grabbed the easy chairs; the men sat around the round table. A pleasant surprise was how quiet it was, likely due to a low, stippled ceiling. What a cozy place! I believe they have made a good move, downsizing to where one person can run the whole shebang in the off-season.

There have been some Highways Department vehicles around, working on the roads in the Park. They have smoothed out the road past our place, put down some oil, and gravel on top of that, and patched some holes on the road to Uskatik. I have no idea how far they plan to go this fall. We just drove around through Uskatik and the roads there are pretty bad. The core area, of course, is great, with all new asphalt.

News Flash!!! The Beach Café will not be opening after all. I talked to Connie and Gary Schmidt yesterday and they said they decided there was not enough potential business for two cafes. They will spend the winter improving their kitchen and getting ready for next summer.
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