The Greenwater Report for October 1, 2007

Carstairs/Didsbury, Alberta , Monday, October 1, 2007

September 30th, 2007: We’re back home again, after spending almost two weeks in Alberta and in Saskatoon. There wasn’t much more water in our gauge than when we left, but we got another 3/8ths of an inch last night. Total for September was 1 ¾ inches.
That was a pretty nice little First Nations Summer, wasn’t it? Though it did seem a little shorter than the old Indian Summers we used to enjoy. When we got home, most of the leaves had blown off the trees, especially of the black poplars. There is still a lot of colour around, with lots of reds in the underbrush.

There was a lot of crop still out in Alberta, much of it not even cut yet. Almost none left to combine in the Kindersley area right through to Saskatoon, but quite a bit this side of Saskatoon. We got some very nice days while we were away, but even the nicest days seemed to have small rain clouds wandering about the countryside, sprinkling water wherever some poor farmer was just getting ready to combine.

I went over to the Cove for coffee this morning and visited with Alex, Gary, and Brian. The Ducks Unlimited Banquet is being held there next Saturday, the 6th, and all the raffle merchandise and prizes were displayed in the store.

The restaurant isn’t open yet, but Darren tells me he is hoping for the week after Thanksgiving.

Hunting is the big thing in the area right now. Lots of strange half tons, and the talk around the coffee table is mostly hunting instead of fishing. Sounds like the elk season just finished, successfully for many.

We spent some time in Saskatoon checking out the housing market and came away tired, confused, and dejected. We saw some mighty nice places in good areas, but the prices floored us. We have decided that renting is the best option for now; once we move in there, we can take our time looking for the perfect place, if there is such a thing. Maybe prices will go down? Fat chance!

Last week I told you about Cricket and her brood of five little dorkies. I’m sorry to say the runt of the litter didn’t make it through the third day, but the rest are doing just great. Cricket herself has rejoined society after three days of self-imposed exile. They all do that when the pups are born, but then yearn for contact with humans and other dogs.

I see some construction activity in the cottage subdivision. At Robinson’s, the ground has been scraped away ready to stake out a foundation; at Leech’s, a backhoe was at work this morning, preparing for a foundation, and at Hilash’s the foundation has been poured, ready for a house to be moved on.

When we left on our little tour, construction was supposed to start on the roads in Uskatik. I haven’t heard if anything has been done, but judging by the approach to the Park gate a lot of heavy trucks have been going in and out. No sign of anything in the way of road improvement in front of our place.

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