The Greenwater Report for September 24, 2008

Saskatoon , Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last week I mentioned gas prices. Here is an e-mail message we got from our daughter, Sandra, who lives in Carstairs, AB:

“Hi Dad
“I just read the Report and here is a point to ponder. The gas at the coop in Carstairs comes from the refinery in Regina, is trucked quite a bit farther than Saskatoon, and the price is $1.339 and expected to drop 6 or 7 cents in the next few days.
And the coop in Olds (same coop but 15 minutes north) gets their gas from Edmonton and they are usually a few cents higher than us and trucked about the same distance as S’toon to Regina. Try to make sense of that convoluted pricing.”

Whaddaya do?

We went to Tisdale on Thursday to sign the papers for our house purchase. Gas prices had been rumored to be $1.299 through the period when we were at $1.459 here in Saskatoon. When we got there, Fas Gas was at $1.299, the others at $1.339. I talked to the girl at the pumps at Tempo; she said they were at $1.299 until last Monday; then they were at $1.399 for a couple of days, then down to $1.339. I told her about Fas Gas’s price and suspect by now they are down there also. When we got back to Saskatoon, the price posted at Fas Gas just east of the city was $1.279.

We were surprised at how little combine activity we saw, especially west of Melfort. It was hot and dry with a stiff wind, yet hardly any were working. Going down in the morning we blamed it on the heavy early morning dew, but that certainly wasn’t the case coming home in late afternoon.

I noticed some big, white plastic bags in some combined fields, like those used for storing fodder, but why bother for straw? Then I was told that those bags are used for storing grain, when they run out of granary space. Looks like a much better option than piling it on the ground. It looks as if they auger the grain into a blower, that blows the grain into the bag to fill it. They look like big, white slugs.

I got the following e-mail from our granddaughter, Jill, in reference to my comments about her husband being a nephew to Don and Donna Barss:

“Hi Grandpa,
“I was just reading your latest Greenwater report. Mark isn't a nephew to Don and Donna Barss. Colleen (Martin - Mark's dad- his sister) married Allan Barss. So they are not really any relative of ours or Mark's. Although the Barss families are close with the Ferguson family.”

Don did officiate at Jill’s and Mark’s wedding in 2007 and we met him there – no wonder he looked familiar to us!

Got the following e-mail from Hella McDonald of Archerwill:

“Hi Jerry, I was just reading the Wadena news about how you enjoyed the Barn Playhouse, I must agree it is a great way to spend an evening, but, if you want to see great amateur acting then I would like to invite you to try the Langham Theatrical Dinner Theater, they do six performances, this years dates are Nov. 7,8,9 and 14,15 16. I know the food is good because my five daughters, all living in Saskatoon and I prepare all the meals, and just to make it more of a family thing, my twin sister Sela, is the director, actually, you can check out the web site, would love to see you there. Hella “

So, we went on the web site and ordered two tickets for November 14th.

It’s pack, pack, pack these days; part of it in anticipation of our move but more recently for our upcoming bus tour.

I am writing this on Saturday so I don’t have to worry about an Internet connection in Minot, where we will be spending tomorrow night. More and more hotels offer high-speed Internet connections, but they don’t always work. I paid for a connection at Las Vegas last winter, and never did get on line. At other places, there is no problem at all.

Doreen & Jerry Crawford


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