Radio colour commentator, former NHL player and community builder, Kelly Chase

The Greenwater Report for December 15, 2008

Saskatoon , Monday, December 15, 2008

December 14th, 2008: Now that’s cold, in any language. It was -32° this morning, and didn’t get much warmer all day. Yesterday, it was -28° but a miserable north wind made it seem a lot colder. Today was milder by comparison.

We met Margaret Mehler, of Crooked River, at the Co-op on Friday, and spent a very pleasant half hour drinking coffee and listening to her and Morley’s adventures teaching in Moldavia and Albania. I certainly envy their courage – I have a problem with culture shock just going to the States. They taught school in Prairie River, Crooked River and Tisdale until about 2000, then went overseas. Their youngest daughter, Christine, went with them and took her Grade 12 by correspondence in Moldavia. Of course, every long weekend and holiday was spent touring Eastern Europe, so Christine got a valuable education in how other people live while there. It was a wonderful visit!

Did you catch that Rankin Family Reunion on CTV Friday night? The Rankins were one of the most refreshing musical groups ever when they came on the scene in the ‘90s, and they proved they still have it. No glitzy effects, just good music. One of the saddest days in Canada’s history was when the group broke up. I hope this reunion will lead to more of their type of music.

Marg and Danny spent the weekend with us. Mike and Marg live at Spy Hill now; Mike works at the Rocanville potash mine. Danny works for the Co-op at Carrot River as a meat cutter, and Aaron and family live at Tisdale, where Aaron is a welder at Northern Steel. Anyway, Danny had some shopping he wanted to do, and also wanted to give his beautiful new car a road test, so he and his Mom picked the coldest weekend of the year to come to Saskatoon. Doreen would rather shop than eat, so she went with them; I stayed home and slept, and went for coffee. Today I got to drive Danny’s car, a 2001 Chrysler LHS, a real beaut. That was a nice weekend.

I got an e-mail from Shirley Miller. She thinks the lake froze over on Friday, the 21st, so I am going to change my records accordingly.

Copied from Pro Sports

ST. LOUIS - Former St. Louis Blues player and current team broadcaster Kelly Chase has been named the 2008 recipient of the Jack Buck Award, presented by the Missouri Athletic Club. The award, which was established in 1987, is presented annually to an individual in recognition of the enthusiastic and dedicated support of sports in St. Louis.

“Chase was a popular player whose feisty style endeared himself with fans. After retiring from his playing career, Chase has remained a part of the St. Louis sports community. In 1993, he established the Gateway Locomotives, which teaches the sport of hockey to handicapped individuals. In 1998, Chase received the King Clancy award from the NHL, which is given to the player who has made a noteworthy humanitarian contribution to his community.

“Over the years, the award has honored an impressive list of distinguished honorees: August A. Busch, Jr. (1987), Joe Garagiola and Yogi Berra (1989), Stan Musial (1994), Bill DeWitt (1996), Martin Mathews (1997) and John Davidson (2007).

Congratulations, Kelly!

Doreen & Jerry Crawford
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