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The Greenwater Report for June 29, 2009

Eagle Creek, Monday, June 29, 2009

June 28th, 2009: I’m writing this from Eagle Creek Regional Park, north-west of Asquith and about an hour’s drive in the motor home from Saskatoon. It’s the end of another outing with Sunseekers; all the rest have gone home but we paid for three nights and, by gar, we’re going to stay for three nights. We have no Internet here, so I won’t be able to send off this report until tomorrow morning when we get back to Saskatoon.

Eagle Creek is a lovely regional park; like many, the surrounding country looks like flat plains; then you dip down into a valley and find trees and water and a very well developed park. Individual campsites are huge with lots of room for slide-outs and awnings and visiting space. There is 30 amp power at each site plus water, which I’m told is potable. We filled with Saskatoon water before we left so didn’t bother hooking up, but it’s there if we need it.

We had planned to come out Thursday afternoon, but Friday is garbage pick-up day and in hot weather it gets ripe pretty quick so we put it out. The cans hadn’t been emptied yet when we left Friday morning, but I’m sure one of our neighbours would bring our can up from the street.

Friday was hot and sunny and we were able to have our Happy Hour and evening campfire outside. Saturday was cool and very windy, so we settled for indoor games. We are camped right beside a campground kitchen which our club built for the park last year. It is a great building, plenty adequate for a group the size of ours, thirty-odd people. Very well lit and with big windows with screens.

We had Happy Hour inside Saturday because of the weather and got an unexpected bonus – a very pretty girl on a very pretty horse rode up; somebody opened the screen and the horse stuck its head in through the window. Picture time! (bottom of page) Then they moved a little farther away and posed for some more pictures. That’s all it takes to make the day for us old folks.

We are really getting into campout season. We will get home Monday; then on Wednesday we leave for Grimson’s at Mozart, where we will spend the night, then on to Kelliher. That town is celebrating its 100th birthday next weekend and we are meeting my sister, Cathy, there. That will mean four days of dry camping so we hope our batteries will hold out. We were worried about them for awhile, then I got some advice from Jim Steadman that seemed to solve the problem.

The following weekend, we have another Sunseekers outing at Lake Manitou Regional Park, near Watrous. The weekend after that, we plan to attend the 100th Anniversary celebration of the Maurice Marquette farm at Perigord, and while we are that close, will spend at least a couple of days at Kelvington and Greenwater. We’re not sure if we will take the motor home to that one.

Towards the end of July, we plan to go out to Carstairs again to visit Sandy and Blaine; we will likely take the motor home, and Cathy will take hers. Shortly after that, likely just long enough to do the laundry, we will be off to Manitoba to visit relatives and see the country, and Cathy will be travelling with us in her own motor home. We couldn’t wait to get on the road with our motor home, and now we are moaning that we won’t get a chance to enjoy our new home in Saskatoon in the summertime.

Doreen & Jerry Crawford

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