The Greenwater Report for August 17, 2009

Saskatoon, Monday, August 17, 2009

August 16th, 2009:

This weekend was supposed to see the final Saskatoon Air Show, and much has been made of it. However, heavy rains washed it out. It started raining Friday evening, rained heavily all morning Saturday, and not as heavily but steadily all day Sunday. I’ve no idea how much rain fell, but our neighbour’s gauge says five inches. I think, though, that she waters her gauge when she waters her flowers.

The rain is general, too – Bryan, Laurie and Joyce Grimson are in town; Dan phoned from home and said the rain is knocking down barley and oat crops, so the same is likely happening all over the province. Bryan says late crops may get some benefit from the rain, but they had adequate moisture to finish off the crops before this rain. Haying will suffer badly; there is lots of hay swathed and ready for baling but unless we get some more good, summer weather soon, it may not be worth picking up.

If you are ever in the eastern part of the province and looking for a nice campground, I recommend Churchbridge’s campground. Lots of sites, many of them huge, with good shade and power, and very reasonably priced. We spent the night there last Sunday and enjoyed it. Lots of signs so not hard to find; you just go in and get settled and pretty soon someone will come around to collect. One of the best!

There has been another addition to our growing family – Friday, at about suppertime, Jill (Grimson) and Mark Ferguson gave birth to a girl, henceforth known as Bree Olivia Ferguson. She is twenty two inches long and weighs in at eight pounds three ounces, and looks like a beauty. Baby and parents all doing well, and likely out of the hospital in a day or two. We’ll wait until they are home before we go to see her. Pictures taken by many relatives shortly after her birth show her with eyes wide open. I haven’t seen her in person yet; thought I would wait until they are at home. Doreen was up yesterday, though, and is quite impressed.

In the meantime, we had a wonderful visit with the Grimsons, who headquartered at our place for the weekend.

Have you noticed how good Wynyard looks to people passing through on the highway? There are no shacks or rusted hulks along the highway, just good-looking commercial buildings, the golf course, and a few houses. Compare it with towns where the first thing you see as you drive in is a junk yard! It makes us proud to say we came from there.

We checked our motor home today, to see if it had floated away. After all that rain there were just a couple of small leaks, around the front window. I caulked it up last week, but must have missed the important parts. We can live with that, as long as it isn’t dripping on our bed. Next week, we are going to Little Loon Lake near Glaslyn for a few days, with the Sunseekers. After that, a September weekend at Manitou Lake, and that will about do it for the season, unless we squeeze another little trip in between. somewhere.

Doreen & Jerry Crawford

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