The Greenwater Report for September 28, 2009

Greenwater Lake Provincial Park, Monday, September 28, 2009

September 27th, 2009:

We had a nice little visit to Greenwater last weekend. We left home Saturday afternoon (couldn’t leave earlier because we would miss breakfast with our Sunseeker buddies) and stopped at Tisdale. There, we visited Aaron and Nicole and little Logan in their new (to them) house. We were quite impressed with their house and yard; we thought it was a great family place, and close to downtown and schools.

Logan was cheerful and friendly – up to a point. He spent the afternoon feeding me snacks, but neither Doreen nor I could pick him up. I guess we just don’t see him often enough. He’ll come around eventually.

We found ourselves a nice site in Lakeshore Campground and settled in for two nights. It was the only campground open – the other two were blocked off. There were several other units in the campground which we assumed to be hunters. Both the Beach Cafe and Rose’s Park Store were closed for the season, but Fisherman’s Cove and the Golf Course are still open.

We had supper Saturday evening at the Cove, plus a nice visit with Darren Teale, the manager. Sunday, we went to the Golf Course for lunch and a visit with Crystal Hart and the cook, who I’m sorry to say I couldn’t name. There were a few golfers out, but hardly anyone came into the restaurant.

Fall colour is more advanced at Greenwater than anywhere else that we could see, so I grabbed a few shots off the Clubhouse’s deck. At that, it wasn’t far advanced and I’m not sure they will get a good display this year. The black poplar leaves are turning brown and falling off and the birch leaves are thinning out. There isn’t too much colour in the underbrush yet.

Friday night and Saturday night were both warm and dry all night; I’ll bet the combines were going like crazy.

We had coffee at the Cove on Sunday and again on Monday, with the usual gang. It was surprisingly busy, especially Sunday when they had a breakfast smorg.

I was to meet Millers at the Cove Sunday afternoon to watch the football game, but they got tied up chasing cows, so I watched it alone.

It started to rain when I left the Cove at five, then it rained pretty well all evening, off and on, into the night. I heard later that Merv recorded 4/10ths of an inch at his place.

We spent quite a bit of time driving around the park, around Greenwater Subdivision and Uskatik. There are a few new cottages since we left, and they look like good ones. The day of converted granaries is definitely past!

The bridge over Greenwater Creek at the Marina has been slated for replacement for some time and work was to begin in September. We were able to use the bridge, but Monday morning there was a big track hoe unloading a bunch of steel beams from a flat bed. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were ripping out the old bridge before the end of the day. The campground is still accessible – there is a trail cut through from the Golf Course Road into Aspen Grove campground, and from there you can get into Lakeshore.

On Monday, we stopped and visited the Steadmans for a little while, then went on to Perigord, where we had lunch at the rummage sale. Maurice came a little late, and threatened to beat me with his cane when I made a move toward his cake. He’s stingy that way. I guess it’s the Norwegian influence. Maurice told me he needed a brain transplant because his was worn out, and the only brain they could find that was hardly used was Merv’s, who claims to be Norwegian. They had to fill Merv’s head with something, so they gave him Maurice’s brain. I guess that’s why Merv talks French and Maurice talks Norwegian. Albert didn’t think either of them got much of a bargain. Jim and Francis just ate their desserts and didn’t comment.

We stopped in to visit Jenny briefly, then went on to Grimson’s. Bryan was changing oil in the combines; he said the rains came just in time as they had two nights of running all night long. They didn’t get much rain at Mozart, just enough to stop operations. Bryan estimated they are about two-thirds done combining.

We got home about eight Monday evening and considered it a pretty nice weekend.

Doreen & Jerry Crawford

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