The Greenwater Report for December 1, 2009

Saskatoon, Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November 29th, 2009:

It was -10 when we got up this morning, cloudy, but that cleared up. It has been hovering around the freezing point all week; pretty easy weather to take at this time of year. Everyone is exclaiming how winter is going to be so short, but I remind them of last year – nice up until the first week of December, and it’s going to be a short winter. But by the end of February we were all moaning, “Will it never end?”

We watched the Grey Cup today. Saskatchewan scored first and kept the lead right up to the end of the last quarter, though in that quarter Montreal narrowed the lead to 2 points. In the last few seconds they tried for a field goal but missed, which should have given Saskatchewan the game, but get this – Saskatchewan had too many men on the field! Montreal got another chance and this time they didn’t miss. They won by one point.

Les McPherson, you were right on – but you picked the wrong team! (Les had forecast Saskatchewan would win by one point.) Oh, well, it was a great game to watch.

In a letter to the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Emer Gudmundson of Mozart wrote: “Strange, isn't it? All the oil is located in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador, and all the dipsticks are located in Ottawa.”

Maurice Marquette, from Perigord, and a faithful member of the Greenwater Coffee Group, has been in hospital here recovering from a hip operation. We got up to see him a couple of times, and are happy to report that he is looking and feeling good. He expected to go home today. At least, when he gets home he doesn’t have to chase cows. Speedy recovery, Maurice!

We had another Family Brunch today; twenty of us met at the Station House Restaurant and had a great time. Lloyd came from Kennedy, Laurie and Bryan from Mozart, Krista from Humboldt, and Jenny from Kelvington, and the rest were all from Saskatoon. We get together the first Sunday of each month (This month we were a week early), overeat and talk ourselves silly. As usual, the kids were the biggest hits, all dressed up in their Roughriders finery, complete with tattoos on their cheeks. Even Brie had a Roughriders jersey on, but in pinks and whites instead of green and whites. After being passed from hand to hand for an hour, she decided she wanted to go home, and let everyone know. First time we have seen her unhappy!

We got a little touch of winter driving the other day. When we got up on Friday, the roads had a thin coating of ice. On my way to the Field House I felt the ABS brakes chatter a couple of times, and the news reported quite a few accidents.

Doreen & Jerry Crawford

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