---The Greenwater Report for December 11, 2000

Greenwater Provincial Park - December 11, 2000 - By: Gerald Crawford




December 10th, 2000: I guess this is what you could call a cold snap. We went to Saskatoon Friday morning and it was only about -21°. According to the radio, Saturday morning was -31°, and when we got home Saturday evening, it was -33°. We had forgotten what it was like to have to run the defroster full blast. It was only -31° this morning, though, with no wind to speak of, though there was a forecast for more wind later on. Thatís when it really gets cold!




We didnít realize it until we got close to Saskatoon, but the roads were quite icy. The blowing snow hid it from us. Lucille says they had rain on Wednesday, and the news was full of reports of cars and trucks in the ditches. Coming home, we could see lots of ice still on the roadway, but there was almost always a clear lane that we could keep one set of wheels in.



Enchanted Forest

We picked up Doreenís sister, Lucille, and went to see the Enchanted Forest at the Forestry Farm in Sutherland. We were lucky; when we got there, there was no lineup, but by the time we came out there were quite a few cars lined up at the gate. We noticed a sign back on Attridge Drive that said "30 minute wait", so assume some evenings one has to be patient. It was a fantastic show, and well worth a wait. It cost us $9, and took about a half hour. Next time we are in Saskatoon, we will see it again.



is so-so

Latest from Fisherman George Renneberg: The ice is about ten inches thick (as of last Wednesday) and very clear and dense. The auger shaves off powdered ice it doesnít come out in chunks. Fishing is so-so; most fishermen aregetting enough to eat and throw a few back; mainly jacks, with the odd pickerel and perch. I wonder if our American readers know what we are talking about? Jacks are northern pike, and pickerel are walleye. I think perch is perch in either language. There are lots of shacks on the lake now. I asked George if he was driving his truck onto the ice, but he is waiting for Merv Miller to make the first move. Last year, he talked Merv into coming with him, but when they got to the shore, he decided that Merv should drive, and George would walk behind. They finally compromised Merv went ahead on foot with his ice auger and drilled a hole every thirty yards or so, and George followed with his truck.

George said the lake was really singing when the temperature dropped last weekend. We will have to spend some time at the cabin while itís cold; we havenít heard that for a long time.



Where the Rose Valley grid meets Highway #38, we saw five mule deer does last Wednesday. We drove by them three times, and they just glanced at us. They were grazing in a meadow right at the corner. The last time, we stopped, just to watch them run, and they obliged us by bouncing off a hundred yards or so.



gray owl

On our way to Porcupine on Thursday, we saw a great gray
owl at the junction with the Chelan grid, and another a mile or two farther north. Coming home, they were still there, though in different trees. We stopped and studied one for awhile and it just sat there and looked back at us. We tried to get some photos, but they were too far away.




Do you realize we are just two weeks from Christmas? Less, by the time you read this. That gives you about twelve shopping days. I had been scattering hints around thick and fast that I would like a GPS for Christmas, downloading reviews and comparisons from the Internet and leaving them around the house, talking to the kids about them when Doreen was within earshot, etc. She took the hint, and as soon as she could get rid of me, she went to Radio Shack and they were all out! They phoned every other store in the city, and they were out of stock, too. I guess it's a popular Christmas idea. On our way out of the city, we passed the Fishing Hole, so stopped to see if they had one. I took Doreen into the store, we got the clerk to show us what they had, and I pointed out the model I wanted. Then I went and sat in the car while Doreen bought my surprise Christmas present. I'm going to be so surprised especially if I have learned to use it by Christmas!


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