---The Greenwater Report for December 4, 2000

Greenwater Provincial Park - December 4, 2000 - By: Gerald Crawford




December 2nd, 2000: Nice and warm today only about -4 at 8am and overcast. Some wind but nothing like Friday night and yesterday. On Friday night, I kept hearing a sound like snow sliding off a roof; our roof is almost flat, and it was too cold for it to slide so finally figured out it was the wind.




We had hoar frost almost continuously for a week or more. Friday morning, I walked north; by Mystery Lake there was a natural arch in the branches framing a view of the lake. The morning sun hitting it made the whole arch glow. Gorgeous! There was still some left Saturday morning, and it was all gone by this morning.




Our evening grosbeaks and pine grosbeaks came back last Monday, but only a few. I wonder if it has something to do with us putting out some bird seed? The chickadees, nuthatches, Canada jays and bluejays are back too; no sign of other types.




Frank Duhaime saw a great gray owl near Perigord, and we saw one north of the Park. Doreen tried to take a picture of it, but just as she pressed the trigger, it flew away. It would be nice to think they may stay around, but when nesting time comes they disappear.




Jenny phoned us Thursday evening warning us to drive carefully through the park at night. She saw a moose right beside the road on her way to Chelan, and two of them on her way home. Believe me, you donít want to hit a moose - just ask Doreen!




The Kelvington snowmobile club has cut the new trail across the north end of our property then angling north east to meet up with the old trail. Mark Fletcher came up with a big Cat skidder, and it didnít take long. They cut the trail good and wide, which I feel will improve the forest. Where they cut north east, they had to cross a slough bottom; there was no frost at all in the ground, and the skidder had to winch itself out in a couple of places. Some ruts! Dennis Szafron said they were filling with water, so with some good, cold weather and snow, that part could freeze reasonably smooth.




I guess the election didnít surprise many people it was hardly mentioned at the coffee table Tuesday morning or since. What did surprise me was the way Joe Clark matured. I couldnāt stand the man before; it seemed to me he must spend the first hour of every day in front of a mirror, seeing if he could get his jowls to shake in indignation like Diefís, and practising his statesmanlike voice. Now, suddenly, he seems to be his own man, though the voice still doesnít fit the visage. He could be a serious contender next time around.



ice fishing shack

George Renneberg told me he was the first one to pull his ice fishing shack out onto the lake, though one or two more had appeared since. I drove down by the marina and could see one shack just north of the marina and another over at the east point. The ice appears to be anywhere from six to nine inches thick, and some snowmobiles have been running around all over it.



pneumonia shots

We went to Kelvington and got pneumonia shots on Thursday seems to us that too many old folks succumb to pneumonia. Now they'll have to invent something new to kill us off with (and they will!).



work area

When we got to about Lynn Swartzís place we came to a sign that said "End of Work Area". We didnít even know we were in a work area!




We have been dying of curiosity all week a team of surveyors have been working around here, and we keep seeing sophisticated-looking equipment on tripods. They have been at our dead-end, at the other end at the old highway, north of our place, south of the corner, and have planted stakes in places that have no meaning to a layman. Re-routing the highway? Widening our road? (Lord, I hope not!) Building a nuclear power plant? I guess weíll just have to wait and see what develops. If I learn anything, Iíll let you know. Brian Shuya had talked with them; the stakes at odd places donít mean much except to themselves. They are reference points for their GPS systems. I hope they leave some meaningful markers so I can mark the boundaries of our own parcel.



set of

I walked down to the Park this morning. Toward the north end of our road a set of tracks crossed the road leaving distinct marks in the skiff of new snow. Too big for a coyote, unless an awfully big one. Just as I went onto the highway, some howling started up. Low pitched and musical coming from south west of the Park gate, and shrill yipping to the East. I was quite enjoying it until a snowmobile started up and drowned everything else out.




When I tried to drive down to the Park the other day, I found the dead-end intersection west of Casey's to be totally blocked. A cattle semi couldn't make the sharp turn and rise. Luckily, we have other options.
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