The Greenwater Report for January 14, 2002

Greenwater Provincial Park - Monday, January 14, 2002 - by: Jerry Crawford

new year

January 13th, 2002: Here it is, a brand-new year. Where did the old one go? It seems to me I said the same thing just a few weeks ago!




Sorry about missing last week - my intentions were good, but my computer died. Without it, I am a mere shadow of a man.




Some winter! One day, I think it was Tuesday, the temperature got up to +4, and it hovered around the freezing point (or thawing point) most of the week. Lots of sunshine, and very little wind made for pretty pleasant weather. Right now, its overcast, about -4°, calm, and the odd tiny little flake coming down. The odd tiny little flake just doesn't satisfy when one is dreaming of a three day blizzard and three feet of snow!



January 26th

I spoke to Shirley Baker of Annaheim the other day; she is a member of the Naicam XC Ski Club, which hosts the annual Greenwater Ski Loppet. She had been talking to the Park, asking about snow conditions, and they told her the trails had been packed but that there wasn't enough snow to set the track. I gather we have more snow than just about anywhere else in the province, but that's not much. She says the Ski Loppet will go ahead as planned, on the 26th of January, hoping for at least a bit more snow. That event brings up to 150 people to the Park. There hasnt been a bit of snow since I talked to Shirley, but there is still two weeks to go.



Cove folks

Last time they were here, Shirley took some photos of the round table coffee crowd, and she sent them to me. After I scan them, I will take them to the Cove and pin them up on their bulletin board.



Again I have to report the passing of some friends. Flo Beaton died over the Christmas season. When we moved here in 1980, Flo and Tom ran the famous Kelvington Hardware. After Tom died, their son, Eric, took over the store and Flo moved up here to the Park. She lived three doors east of us. It was Flo who got me interested in the High Tor settlers, and gave me guidance in my writing. (If you think my grammar is bad now, you should have seen it before!)




Jim Swanson, of Tisdale, also died. We first got to know Jim and Vicki when they brought some photos to be framed. Jim has been taking pictures since the 30s, and was a charter member of Parkland Photography Club, in the late 80s. Because of his health, he hasn't attended meetings for some years, but was always interested in Club activities.
  Our sincere condolences to the Beatons and the Swansons.


George Renneberg tells me some jacks are being caught, but the pickerel are pretty elusive. Shirley and Merv Miller have been out several times; one day they may catch lots of perch, the next day none at all in the same hole. Merv figures if you are lucky enough to have a school of perch swim by under your fishing hole, you have a chance of catching some, otherwise not.


Angie Boen had a close call. A week ago last Friday, about eleven o'clock in the evening, she was on her way back to Kelvington after working at the Cove. It was snowing a bit and she had her lights on low beam. Just about at Dawn Kowalchuk's place, two miles south of here, a moose came out onto the road and she couldn't avoid it. When she hit it, it flopped onto the hood and windshield and they took off through the ditch into the bushes. The moose was killed, the car totaled, and Angie got off with a cut on her lip and some aches and pains for a few days. If she had been going a touch faster, or if the moose had been a bit bigger, it could have been a different outcome.


We went to the Cove for supper last night. It was their first "Ethnic Night", and they served Italian food. There were four kinds of pasta, four kinds of sauces, and Italian bread and dip all you could eat. Also, a frozen dessert that was a real killer! I understand they are going to have an "Ethnic Night" the second Saturday of each month. I can hardly wait until Mexican night!



Kyla Sabean told me she saw a bear at New Year's, near where the Chelan Grid meets Highway 38, about five miles northeast of here. It was black, and not very big possibly a two-year-old. Riel Bosse told her that though it doesn't often happen that a bear comes out of hibernation, it's not unheard of. In January of 1981, I think it was, Kyla's grandparents, Odd and Laurel Steiestol, shot a very large bear that was interfering with their trapline. The hide covered two sheets of plywood!
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