The Greenwater Report for July 17, 2000
Greenwater Provincial Park - July 17, 2000 - By: Gerald Crawford


Cold today, and windy. I doubt if the temperature got up above 16. It was drizzly in the morning, amounting to almost an eighth of an inch of moisture, but it stopped in time for our annual Herman Duerksen Participaction Bike Ride.



trip to Chelan

Six doughty bikers and two chicken-type drivers made the trip to Chelan and back. Going to Chelan is usually easy, once the Big Hill is conquered, but today a stiff headwind made it heavy going. All made it, though, and we stopped for awhile in Chelan for drinks and cookies, courtesy of Doreen. We got back about 5:30, then met at the Cove at six for supper and a visit. Main topic discussion was: How can we encourage others to join us on the bike ride? Dozens of campers and half-tons passed us, a good many of them carrying from one to four bikes. There are all kinds of bikes and bikers at the Park, too, but we can’t seem to get their attention. Nobody wants to discontinue the run, so next year we will try something new to publicise it.



Park’s projector

After supper, we went to the Park Hall. John Bax was going to show one of his famous wildbird films. They couldn’t get the Park’s projector working, so about 80 of us had to settle for a videotape of wildlife along the Rio Grande. It was a great film, though I found the relatively small screen hard on the eyes. Afterwards, there was coffee and visiting; Mac Luke had a look at the projector, threaded the film properly, and fixed "a couple other small problems". Those of us who hadn’t left the hall enjoyed a film about wild birds of the Tundra. John’s work is incredible.



old fashioned dance

We chatted with Mary Kehrig at the hall. She told us that Kehrigs and Almi Campground and going to put on an old fashioned dance in the Park Hall. Old fashioned in the sense that it will be pot luck, no booze. The Lutz Family from Mistatim will provide the music. Dance or visit or just listen to the music. That will be on Friday, July 28th; charge will be $5 per person, and bring some finger food.




I got a phone call from Dorothy Wallin last Thursday. She had just watched a squirrel run down from the top of a granary, grab up a baby barn swallow, carry it back to the top of the granary, and proceed to eat it. They had noticed a lot of barn swallow nests lying on the ground, and now suspect the squirrel has been knocking them down. We knew that squirrels will occasionally eat birds; we had watched one on the window box outside our kitchen window. It had caught a gold finch, and was eating it like a cob of corn. I suspect the only reason they don't eat more birds is that they can't usually catch them.



Crawford's Family Fashions

Our daughter, Jenny, has been working very hard getting her store ready. She has her inventory sorted out and has ordered some new stock. Painters, carpenters and scrubbers have been in doing their thing, and she has a new sign on order: "Crawford's Family Fashions". She planned to open on Tuesday, July 18th, but has moved that to Friday, July 21st. Doreen and Lucille, and Laurie and Krista Grimson, were there yesterday, giving her a hand, and report the store looking very good.




Jenny has been quite overwhelmed by the support and assistance she has received in Kelvington. Back in the old Elk Festival days, we found that Kelvington seemed to have a tremendous resource of hard working, community supporting people, and gained a lot of respect for them. She stresses that she is not opening a "boutique" - she will have clothing for people in all walks of life, and for the whole family.



Saskatchewan Express

We didn't get to Saskatchewan Express on Thursday; Lloyd and Laura, who are staying at our cottage, went, and reported a good show and a great crowd. At the start of the show, the stage was in full sun and the poor kids were sweltering. When the sun went down, though, it was quite pleasant. Park staff estimated the crowd at 1,500, about the same as for the last few years. At the Cabinowners‚ Meeting today, Stacie Patton, Recreation Director, announced that for the past eleven years, the attendance at Saskatchewan Express concerts in Greenwater far exceeded that of any other Provincial Parks; in fact it doubled the second best. That, apparently, is the reason why it comes to Greenwater year after year, when normally it would alternate with other points.



grabbing stuff

Susie, a German exchange student who has also been staying at our cottage, decided to have a nap rather than going to the concert. She heard a noise, got up to investigate and scared off a kid who was on the point of grabbing stuff off the railing. That is where the life jackets, towels, etc. are hung to dry out. Likely the kid was taking advantage of the concert to make a haul, knowing that most people were not home. Be warned!



Variety Night

Friday was Variety Night, and we hear there were twenty performers and about a hundred in the audience. Again, I had to miss it as I was on the road, helping to move our granddaughter to Moose Jaw, where she will be attending Palliser. Driving the motor home in that terrible side wind was not fun!


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