The Greenwater Report for October 22, 2001

Greenwater Provincial Park - Monday, October 22, 2001 - by: Jerry Crawford




October 21st, 2001: This morning was the coldest yet; it was ó5°, but during the night went down to ó8°. There was a stiff northwest wind almost all night, but it died down and stayed quite calm all day. I spent some time outside working with batteries, anti-freeze and so on, and it was too cold to work without gloves.




Doreen has been away since Thursday night ó she went to a stamping convention in Minneapolis with fellow stampers Lois Drobot and Karen Halverson. She showed her usual confidence in my ability to get along by myself by leading me to the fridge and showing me a list that said:
  • Lunches: vegetable soup, pea soup, vegetable and ham soup, and chimichangas, all in lunch-sized packages in the freezer.

  • Supper: Swiss steak & rice, beef TV dinner, lasagna, and chili, again all packaged up neatly.

  • And just in case of emergencies, an uncut loaf of homemade bread, and a full jar of peanut butter. Youíd think I was completely helpless in the kitchen! Good thing she is coming home tomorrow ó I just have the chili left.


Iím sorry to say another old-timer of the district has died. Walter Renneberg was born in the Bellís Hill area and lived here most of his life. When we first moved here, he operated a small sawmill with the aid of his daughter, Marlene Norton. He had been battling ill health for quite some time. Our condolences to his wife, to Albert and family, to Marlene and family, and to all his grandchildren.



Lots of excitement here on Friday ó the first phase of the Fishermanís Cove addition was moved from St. Brieux and is now sitting in the Coveís parking lot, ready to be moved into place. Elwood Prybylski had to widen the approach to the Cove, and still it had none too much room. This part will attach onto the north end of the existing Cove, and will contain the dining room, lounge, kitchen and registration office.



If memory serves, this part is about 40 by 95 feet. The next stage will be to move the motel; it is about 30 feet wide by 120 long, with eight good-sized rooms, or suites. Once it is in place, construction will start to join the two sections, giving us a managerís office (you should see the one we have now!) and an extra motel suite. That part will be set on top of a wood basement, allowing for nine future suites.




When we woke up last Tuesday, there was a young bald eagle perched in a tree beside the lake. It didnít look too comfortable; there was a fairly strong north-west wind which ruffled its feathers, and it kept moving its talons on the branch as if its toes were cold. On several occasions this past summer we saw two eagles, one mature and the other young, but always at the north end of the lake. We looked for the adult, but didnít see it around here.





I saw Kunís truck leaving the beach road, so walked down to see what he was doing. He had been dumping piles of sand along the beach; I suspect they will be pushed out onto the ice, once itís frozen well enough, and when the ice melts in the spring, the sand will drop down into the swimming area. We used to canoe around the edge of the lake, east of our cottage. In the southeast corner of this part of the lake is a hard sand bottom, right from about Gudjonsonís cottage to the beginning of Uskatik. Funny the beach wasnít located in that corner, but I guess in the late Ď20s the action was where McDermotts had their homestead and boarding house.


There has been the prettiest and nicest little brown and white dog hanging around the Cove for the past day or so. I understand it showed up at Prybylskiís on Thursday, but they have no idea where it came from. It looks as if it is a terrier of some kind, reddish brown with white paws, white on its forehead and down between its eyes to its muzzle. It has a white chest and underparts, too. I have posted a picture of it in my web page: In the meantime, it is living at Prybylskiís and has made itself right at home.




I have started a web page for Fishermanís Cove, and plan to publish photos of the changes as they take place, plus anything else I think might be interesting. Its address is:



I had coffee with Vaughn Binkley this morning. Merv asked if he had taken his boat out of the water, but Vaughn said he hopes we will get some more good fishing weather before the lake freezes. He says the walleye are now biting; he has limited out on 1 to 2 pound walleye, which he says is the best size for eating. (But after limiting out one day, he was skunked the next!)


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