The Greenwater Report for October 2, 2000
Greenwater Provincial Park - October 2, 2000 - By: Gerald Crawford


October 1st, 2000: Sunny for most of the day and cooler than it has been the past few days, but still great weather for this time of year. I noticed some black clouds south and west this afternoon; they had jagged bottoms which I assume means someone is getting rained on.




We are again a two-people household. We spent the last couple of days moving Doreenís sister, Lucille, to her suite in Saskatoon. She has a lovely little apartment on the eighth floor overlooking 25th Street, and with the YWCA and Kinsmen Park adjacent. The weather was delightful, but too hot for a fat old fool toting and hauling. Maybe Iím just too old for that stuff.



great deal
of grunting

Luckily, we were able to call on grandsons Al Grimson and Sean Kopchuk, both of whom live in Saskatoon. Sean has a truck, too, and that really helped. Lloyd and Louise came in Friday evening to help Lucille unpack everything. Sean and I picked up her new sofa, and with a great deal of grunting and some small damage to the elevator and woodwork, managed to get it into her suite in one piece (more or less). Attempting to fix the ceiling in the elevator, I knocked down one of the ceiling grids, which are metal and heavy, and got a good scratch on my head and hands when it fell. After getting bandaged up, I went back to fix it properly and someone had taken the grid away and hidden it.



big piles

Several weeks ago, I mentioned that harvesting seemed to be getting under way near Saskatoon earlier than around here. This weekend, though, most of the combines running were near Saskatoon. They must have been held back by some rains that we didnít get. Thereís not much grain left in the fields, except in big piles, and more big piles by elevators.



Lots of

Lots of leaves have blown off, but the Park area is still lovely, as is that hilly country east of Saskatoon. Still lots of opportunity for a photographer who isn t too lazy to pull into an approach, get out, and take some photos. Wish I knew someone like that.



Highway 349 terrible shape

I came home via Highway 349 today. I hadnít been over it for a long time, and have to report it is in terrible shape. I was driving the motor home, which we had used to haul Lucilleís effects to Saskatoon, and thought it was going to shake apart before I got home. There were a few decent patches where the road had been repaired, and the paved portion east of Archerwill was fine, but the rest, including the gravelled portion, was rough.


surveyorís stakes

There are lots of surveyorís stakes along #349 west of #38, and lots of equipment, but so far all they have done is to build up that last hundred yards or so between the sloughs. And have they ever built it up! It must be fifteen feet higher than it was. We can look down on the ducks now, instead of them looking down at us.



the dock

Lloyd, Mike and Aaron came out today to take the dock in. I sure was sorry I wasnít here to help. I understand Aaron had to bring his bathing suit. They just about had him all psyched up to go swimming when inspiration struck - they pulled the dock out with the truck and then dismantled it! Iíll bet Aaron was disappointed.



Ducks Unlimited Banquet and Auction

The annual Ducks Unlimited Banquet and Auction is this coming Saturday; Fishermanís Cove is full of merchandise, and some neat-looking stuff it is. We were afraid we were going to have to miss it, for the first time since we started having banquets here, but then circumstances changed. Instead of missing it, there will be about nine of us attending.


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