Greenwater Updates
FTLComm - Greenwater - July 18, 2000

Gerald Crawford has provided us with some updated pictures from his Greenwater reports. The picture above is the same picture as appeared yesterday at the top of the Greenwater report only a reader had asked Gerald for a larger image at a higher quality and in black and white. So the picture above is for them and is an eight inch picture but if you click on it another much larger version will open.

The picture on the right come from an earlier Greenwater report where Gerald mentioned seeing a moose on the road near Alvena. At the time he mentioned it he had not developed the picture but here it is proof of a wandering Moose between Wakaw and Saskatoon. Moose are found through out Canada but are not well understood. They tend to be non-migrator home bodies that like to find a good slough and just hang out there. They have a tough time from preditors taking their calves and though many thought it was wolves that were causing the problem it has been discovered that the black bears are the scourge of moose calves and will tend to hang around a moose about to deliver and are there ready to help themselves.