Saskatchewan Express At Greenwater

FTLComm - Greenwater Provincial Park - Saturday, July 21, 2001
Friday night and its a full park at seven as a huge crowd gathered to see and hear the best singers and dancers in the province perform live. Saskatchewan Express has been a touring summer company for years with some really remarkable performers and performances in the past so the crowd was anticipating a good show and what they got was a great show.

This years Odyssey 2001 is a review of pop music through the past five decades with features on Las Vegas performers and a salute to both contemporary and past male and female stars.

The male singers in this year's company are strong singers and their harmony is absolutely flawless and many expected to hear them do an Oakridge Boys song but alas we had to settle for a fabulous Temptations number. The women who have performed with the Express in the past have been among the best talent this province has ever seen and this year's group are really up to the challenge of other years and this year perhaps more balanced and like the men, able to turn out astonishing harmony.

The video clip is only a minute and a half long but gives you some idea of the range of this years show, the clip starts with the opening number and ends with the closing number.

Below is a QuickTime VR panorama of the scene just as the crowd hushed and the announcer introduced the evening's show. (If you do not see the QuickTime, Windows users might see a long strip, this means you are relying on Microsoft media player which can not show a QuickTime Virtual reality image, you must download Quicktime, it is a painless and simple process and will allow you to watch streaming high quality video online.)
The crowd at Greenwater truly enjoyed the show and well they should because live first class entertainment as well executed as this show is rarely seen live or on television. David Connolly has joined Saskatchewan Express this year as the dance choreographer with most of what we saw in this show shaped by him. Getting a show to flow, on the stage, on and off the stage is an art form in itself and the choreography in this show is simply superb.