FTLComm - Tisdale - October 18, 1999
The practice of decorating a house or yard for Halloween has grown exponentially in the last five years so that retailers have found products to help the Halloween decorator out. From bags that look like bodies when filled with leaves to complete scare crows and plastic electrically lit pumpkins. This house is typical of many in Tisdale and some are far more elaborate. The pictures you see here are taken sequentially this morning with the chilly wind whipping the white plastic bag ghosts about in this picture on the right.

Below left we look at the same yard from the North then move around the corner (below right) looking at the lawn from the Northeast.

This picture looks at the lawn and we can see the scare crow by the fence, a skeleton in the archway, little ghosts in the trees and a nicely arranged cemetery. Just what every home needs a little burial place in their front lawn.

It is certain that as you read this you understand that this writer is confused and somewhat dismayed at these themes and would like to put some social context into the puzzle but at present there is nothing that can be added to the images themselves.
Below is the same house with a combined view of the next door neighbour's decorations and this gives you a flavour for the atmosphere created.

Perhaps we can explain this decorative phenomena by pointing out that they house we featured here has three small children and going out with a bag collecting treats is a big deal for both the children and the parents. The roots of all hallows eve are extremely obscure and need to be understood in the light of modern cultural context, let's deal with that issue in another article closer to the event.

This house is only a few doors away and is a modest display with the printed garbage bag and a smaller display on the steps. You will note running down the hand rail are Halloween lights, a set of lights in a string with little pumpkins over each bulb.

This house uses the front window as a place to display the children's art work and no doubt it will have a Halloween theme.

I would love to hear from people about their thoughts on decorating for Halloween Such issues as why, and even more, what does Halloween mean to you.