A Witch and Four Rock Stars

FTLComm - Melfort
October 28, 1999

During the Bantam "AA" game between Tisdale Ramblers and the Melfort Mustangs this group of cheerful individuals were in the stands enjoying the game and just being themselves.

"So, what are you dressing up as for Halloween?" Each described their perfect

costume and the sparkle in the eyes and sense of excitement suggested that this was a good time, anticipating Sunday night and their awaiting adventures. I think the witch is the second from the left and the smiling face with the "body" shirt is going to wear "black" hair as part of her Rock Star outfit.

This brief encounter with this happy group really demonstrates the whole wonder of childihood. In the pictures you see on this page these are smiling cheerful faces. People who are enjoying their time together and face life positively. Often when I tell someone I would like their picture to put on a web page there is reserve and some folks will even cover up their faces worrying about how they might look. But these people enjoyed being photographed and when I swung the video camera on them they came to life with a wave and then ran over to see me. I asked them if I could get their picture with the other camera they quickly got into their pose at the top of the page. They were happy to be noticed and pleased that they would be able to see themselves on a web site.

When you think about that you realise that this means that these people have an acceptance

of themselves. Their self awareness and open acceptance of me, a total stranger suggests that these are people who will contribute to each others lives and make the best of what ever comes along.

All of these pictures were taken with the natural light in the Melfort Palace. I was charmed by these people and I thought that you would be also. There is promise and hope in happy people. I wish them the very best.