Public Health Services

FTLComm - Tisdale
November 12, 1998

Three public health nurses, two occupational and physiotherapists are among the people who provide services to the Pasquia Health District delivering immunisation and prenatal care to Hudson Bay, Kelvington, Porcupine Plain, Naicam and Tisdale as well as all the other smaller communities in the area. Their offices and service areas are located in the West side of the combined RecPlex facility with the new DayCare next door.

These services were a part of the provincial department of health until the development of the Regional health boards who have been given the role of administrating this wide range of public health services to the people of the region.

With the realisation of the importance of preventative health care our society needs to focus its attention on this important aspect of life as we are quickly learning that only modest changes in life style and public awareness can absolutely alert the course of illness and preventable medical conditions. The dramatic improvement in infant mortality throughout the Western world owes most of this change to the work of public health workers in the past forty years.

Immunisation proved to society the power of public health and preventative medicine. The notable exception in public health work has been the wildfire spread of AIDs which it appears that public health and awareness campaigns are having little affect just as anti-smoking programmes are also showing little direct results.

With the increasing numbers of senior citizens as baby boomers grow older and the population in general is living
longer, the work of public health is going to become more and more important, and dollars spent on prevention will yield huge positive benefits for the society in general by improving the quality of life for all.